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Why is it better not to buy a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus
Why is it better not to buy a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus

There can be dangerous consequences if you contact scammers.

Why not buy a fake coronavirus vaccination certificate
Why not buy a fake coronavirus vaccination certificate

The market for fake documents is huge and customer-centric. There is a request - there will be paper. When it became necessary to present the result of the PCR test in different places, false certificates with negative indicators appeared. Now, in several regions, they have introduced compulsory vaccination for certain categories of citizens, and the market has responded with an offer of fake certificates. But you shouldn't use them.

Fake certificate will not pass validation

A vaccination certificate is a document that indicates the type of vaccine and the dates of introduction of its components. There should be two seals on the paper - a doctor and a hospital where (or on whose behalf, if vaccinated, say, in a shopping center) it was made. This information also goes to the electronic document management system and then to the "State Services". An electronic certificate has the same validity as a paper one.

Scammers offer different levels of fakes. Among other things, they promise to arrange everything as it should be through "Gosuslugi". Theoretically, this is possible if there are doctors "in the share" somewhere. To do this, they must carry out the entire vaccination procedure, only without your participation: fill out the paperwork, withdraw the vaccine and send all the data.

There may be such cases. But certainly not on the scale that certifications are offered. Otherwise, entire vaccination centers would have to deal only with the registration of fake patients.

Most likely, scammers are unlikely to bother, because the client will never find them anyway. And it won't work to complain to the police that you couldn't buy a fake. Therefore, with a high degree of probability, a person will give money, and in return he will not receive absolutely nothing.

They might just give out a piece of paper that looks like a certificate, but how much use is it? If the QR code in the document is not sent to "Gosuslugi", the inspector will somehow have doubts about the authenticity of the certificate, so the desired effect will not be obtained from the purchase.

Personal data will fall into the wrong hands

Losing money is unpleasant. But think about this: to issue a certificate, fraudsters will require passport data, compulsory medical insurance policy and, possibly, some other information. It seems like a very bad idea to pass on personal information to people who specialize in forging documents. How to know which microcredits they will then take on a copy of the passport?

There is a penalty for buying fake documents

Russians have different attitudes towards counterfeits. The phrase “fake passport” smells of fraud a mile away. But presenting a fake sick leave seems to be not scary: who is worse from this?

But buying and keeping any documents that grant rights or exempt from obligations is a criminal offense. You don't even need to use them, just have them. Punishment for this can be forced labor, restraint or imprisonment. Everything for up to one year. If you still manage to use the document, the punishment will be different:

  • a fine of up to 80 thousand rubles or in the amount of income for a period of up to six months;
  • up to 480 hours of compulsory work;
  • up to two years of correctional labor;
  • arrest for up to six months.

Fake certificate won't protect against coronavirus

Vaccination does not provide guaranteed protection against COVID-19. The risk remains, but it is lower than without vaccination. Even if a person becomes infected, they will most likely get sick more easily. But you can't expect help from a fake certificate.