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8 life hacks to save time
8 life hacks to save time

Organize your life correctly so that you can do everything and have more rest.

8 life hacks to save time
8 life hacks to save time

1. Optimize your daily tasks

They have to be performed regularly: some every month, others every day. Sometimes it gets very tiring. Therefore, use simple rules to spend less time on them.

  • If you are oppressed by the need to clean the entire apartment at once, divide it into zones. For example, clean the bathroom one day, the kitchen the next, and leave the floor scrubbing for the weekend. Every time you get up from a chair or sofa, remove something that is out of place. Putting things in order is a little easier and much faster.
  • Cook more food at a time, only to reheat later. It is more convenient to do this on weekends, and then on weekdays all you have to do is cut vegetables or boil a side dish.
  • Set up automatic payments for utilities, loan payments, and other recurring expenses. The amount will be debited from the card, and you do not have to make unnecessary operations and worry that you have forgotten something.
  • Buy several of the same casual outfits. No more wasting time choosing what to wear every morning. This trick is used by many successful people, such as Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Get ready in the evening. Prepare clothes and shoes, put everything you need in a work bag. And the saved morning time can be spent on extra sleep, meditation or reading.

2. Use the two minute rule

It was invented by the founder of the GTD technique, David Allen. According to this rule, if a task takes two minutes or less to complete, it cannot be postponed. For example, you need to answer a letter shortly, call someone, correct a minor mistake. Deal with such cases immediately.

It is faster than adding tasks to a list and then tune in to them again.

If it takes more than two minutes to complete, add the task to your calendar and go back to where you started.

3. Protect yourself from temptation

We are constantly distracted by notifications, messages, advertisements and just the desire to procrastinate. Productivity suffers and time is wasted. Therefore, try to protect yourself when you need to work or do something else that requires concentration.

If you are distracted by your phone and the desire to go to social networks, take it to the next room, or at least put it in your bag. Temporarily block access to sites where you can get stuck for a long time. There are special extensions for this: Stay Focused, Freedom, Block Site.

4. Check your mail three times a day

Distracted by every email that comes in doesn't get you much of the work. It is much more convenient to turn off notifications and go to mail only at a certain time. For example, at 11, 14 and 17 hours.

Create your own routine according to your schedule.

And give up the habit of looking at your mail first thing when you come to work. At this time, it is better to do really important things, while you have a lot of energy and you are not tired of making decisions.

5. Make lists of tasks and assign tasks by importance

Do not try to keep everything in your head: this is tiring and increases the likelihood of confusion. Write down work and personal tasks that need to be done during the day, and cross out the completed ones.

Set your most important tasks first so you can see where to start. When you do them, you will feel a surge of self-confidence. In this state, other things will be done faster and easier.

6. Use the "+1" rule

When doing something simple and short, try to remember another task that can be completed in a few minutes. For example, you wash the dishes - wipe the stove at the same time. Sending letters - sort out the inbox immediately after that. This will train yourself to do everything faster and streamline your daily processes.

7. Refuse unnecessary meetings at work

Most of their time is usually spent on side conversations rather than solving a problem. As a result, you do not do your own work and bring little benefit to the meeting. So learn.

If you need your opinion, offer to solve the issue in writing.

If you are only required to be present, ask to be sent the required information afterwards. Understand that you are ignoring your own when dealing with other people's issues. Naturally, some of the meetings are really needed, but do not agree to go to those that only take up time.

8. Get rid of perfectionism

Because of it, you waste a lot of time and wear yourself out. Accept the fact that it is impossible to do everything perfectly. Moreover, it is not even necessary. Some tasks are more important to get done quickly than perfect.

Don't expect ideal conditions to get down to business, or you will keep putting it off. Make it a rule to stop when the task is done well enough, and set yourself tight deadlines so that you don't want to work on something "a little more."