13 life truths that no one wants to hear
13 life truths that no one wants to hear

Thoughts of ordinary netizens about life and time, similar to quotes from famous people.

13 life truths that no one wants to hear
13 life truths that no one wants to hear

A new interesting one recently appeared on Reddit, the author of which asked readers one simple question: "What truth does no one want to hear?". In their responses, users have shared many simple truths that, in their opinion, will sooner or later have to be accepted. We chose 13 examples.

1. “Friends will come and go. You will have many friends whom you will never see again one day,”-.

2 … “Karma does not exist. The universe does not maintain a balance in which good leads to good and bad leads to bad. The truth is, there are a lot of really good people out there who never get what they deserve. And there are many bad people who get much more than they deserve,”-.

3. ““I don’t know”is quite a normal answer to many questions,” -.

4 … “Most people sincerely don't care about you or your opinion, and that's okay,” -.

5. "You are the main character in your life, but in someone else you are just an extra", -.

6. “If you don’t take care of your teeth in your youth, you will regret it in your old age”, -.

7. “Not everything happens for some reason or because you did something or didn't do something. Sometimes things in your life and in the universe go awry and you just get caught in the crossfire,”-.

8. “Time does not heal wounds, it accumulates scar tissue,” -.

9. “No matter how cute you are, there will always be people who don't like you, sometimes for no particular reason.”

10. “To radically change society, you need to have power, but power will change you too,” -.

11. “In a couple of hundred years, if you do not have a huge impact on humanity, no one will know and ask the question who you were and how you lived”, -.

12. “You don't have to make mistakes and still lose. This is not a weakness, this is life,”-.

13. “People don't like to hear the truth at all. Whether it's their looks, relationships, beliefs, or education. Much more friendship in the world ended because of the truth than because of lies,”-.

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