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8 paid services that are easy to do without but worth the cost
8 paid services that are easy to do without but worth the cost

Sometimes it is better to spend money to save time, energy and nerves.

8 paid services that are easy to do without but worth the cost
8 paid services that are easy to do without but worth the cost

1. Cleaning

For an adult, there is nothing too complicated in cleaning. This is not a special skill that only professionals can master. It would seem, why spend money on this?

It's simple: by ordering cleaning, you save time and effort that can be spent on something more enjoyable and important - to spend time with loved ones, go in for sports or self-education. In addition, many simply hate household chores, and paid cleaning is also a great way to rid yourself of negative emotions.

And finally, people who are engaged in cleaning professionally, as a rule, do it faster and better than the average person with a different occupation. So cleaning is a pretty smart investment if the financial capabilities allow it.

2. Repair

Our mentality is based on the installation: a man must make repairs himself. At least a small one: fix the socket, change the mixer, hang the shelves, twist something in the car. It seems like these are holy male duties, just like cleaning and cooking are female duties.

But a person, unless he is an electrician, plumber, or handyman, is not required to do a good job of repairs. Yes, this skill would not be superfluous, but if it is not there, it would be more logical to turn to a professional. It is quite possible that in the end it will be even cheaper: you will not have to redo your handicraft self-repair.

3. Help with moving

All this collection, packing and transportation of things is a huge stress and a waste of time. People have to take time off from work or spend their personal free hours on a rather time-consuming and unpleasant occupation. You don't have to do this - and turn to the services that will collect your things themselves, carefully pack everything (including large-sized property) and deliver it where you need it. And at the new place they will also help - this time with the assembly of furniture and the installation of equipment. Yes, you will have to pay for this, but the move will cease to be equal to two fires.

4. Delivery of groceries and ready meals

You don't have to go to the shops for a long time: they will come to you and bring everything - from salt and buckwheat to fresh fish and farm vegetables. No more heavy bags and weekends buried in the maze of hypermarkets. As a rule, products with delivery cost the same as in stores, or slightly more.

If you don't have time to cook on your own, or you carefully monitor your diet and want to get breakfasts, lunches and dinners with a certain calorie content and macronutrient ratio, you can turn to services that will deliver you fresh food every day. Or ingredients for different dishes and recipes. The prices for such services are rather biting, ready meals for one person per month will cost no less than 30 thousand rubles. But if funds allow, this is an excellent saving of time and effort.

5. Libraries and streaming services

There are three main reasons to stop piracy and pay for music, book and TV subscriptions.

First, it is convenient and safe. You don't need to search, download, endure stupid casino ads, or catch viruses. You just opened your favorite service, chose what you want to read or watch, and you enjoy a good story.

Secondly, this is how you support the authors: directors, writers, musicians - and do not steal money from them for an honest work.

Third, it is inexpensive. Subscriptions typically cost between RUB 150 and RUB 1,500 per month. Even if you use several of these services, you are unlikely to spend more than a couple of thousand on entertainment. And that is, in fact, for a limitless array of books, music, podcasts, and movies. It's definitely worth it.

6. Useful applications and programs

For example, file storage like Dropbox or Google Drive. Good text and image editors. Advanced versions of schedulers with all the necessary functions. Or maybe specific applications that you need for work and study, let's say a good contextual dictionary that helps in learning English.

Yes, there are free counterparts for almost everything, but sometimes it's easier and cheaper to pay and get a high-quality service than to search, customize and suffer from shortcomings.

7. Taxi

Residents of cities with a population of over one million have practically no difficulties with public transport. But as soon as you leave the Moscow Ring Road, a wonderful world of triple transfers from buses to electric trains or an hour and a half of waiting for a minibus in 20-degree frost opens up to you. And all this is to cover a relatively short distance.

In such conditions, calling a taxi is sometimes not only faster and more convenient, but also cheaper than using three types of public transport. In big cities, a taxi, of course, also helps out, especially if you need to carry a lot of things, go somewhere with a child or an elderly person.

8. Distance learning

Skype English lessons, online schools, programming courses for children and marketing adults, interactive tutorials and much more - it's hard to imagine the modern world without all this, especially after the pandemic.

The distance education market is growing like never before and will continue to grow. Such services allow you to gain knowledge wherever you are, not waste time on the road, not depend on the weather and the epidemiological situation, and at the same time save a little. Distance learning tends to be cheaper, and some courses are completely free.