Profitable: smart speaker "Capsule" with "Marusya" for 7 490 rubles
Profitable: smart speaker "Capsule" with "Marusya" for 7 490 rubles

The price is also reduced for the mini version of the useful gadget.

Profitable: smart speaker "Capsule" with "Marusya" for 7 490 rubles
Profitable: smart speaker "Capsule" with "Marusya" for 7 490 rubles

AliExpress has become part of the VK ecosystem. In honor of this event, the marketplace gives customers discounts for promotional codes valid for products from the promotion page:

  • VKONTAKTE100 - a discount of 100 rubles when ordering from 500 rubles.
  • VKONTAKTE200 - a discount of 200 rubles for orders over 1,000 rubles.
  • VKONTAKTE250 - a discount of 250 rubles when ordering from 4,000 rubles.
  • VKONTAKTE500 - a discount of 500 rubles when ordering from 6,000 rubles.

AliExpress has also prepared promotional codes for all products with delivery to Russia and CIS countries (except Ukraine):

  • VKExpress100 - a discount of 100 rubles for all users when ordering from 800 rubles.
  • VKExpress200 - a discount of 200 rubles for new users when ordering from 400 rubles.

All promotional codes are valid until October 15 inclusive.

In addition, in honor of the merger with VK, AliExpress has lowered the price of a smart speaker "Capsule" with a voice assistant "Marusya". There is also a discount for the Mini Capsule.

The "capsule" is equipped with six sensitive microphones and a pair of speakers with a total power of 30 watts. For wireless connection, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC modules are provided. On the front panel there is an LED indicator ring. Touch control buttons are located at the top of the case. There is a mechanical button to quickly mute the microphones.

Smart speaker "Capsule" with "Marusya"
Smart speaker "Capsule" with "Marusya"

Using the speaker, you can control smart home appliances, search for information on the Internet, listen to music on Spotify and make calls on VKontakte. In night mode, the device automatically lowers the volume and mutes the bass and lights. All settings are available in a free mobile application for iOS and Android. The gadget is powered by the network.

Until October 15, you can buy a smart speaker "Capsule" at a reduced price and with an additional discount on the promotional code VKONTAKTE500 … Available in two colors: black and white. Free expedited shipping available.