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How to start a successful business with Ozon if you have 200,000 rubles
How to start a successful business with Ozon if you have 200,000 rubles


You can quickly open up and recoup your launch costs in a few months.

How to start a successful business with Ozon if you have 200,000 rubles
How to start a successful business with Ozon if you have 200,000 rubles

Starting a business alone, and even with a small investment, is a task of increased complexity. It is safer to start with the support of a well-known brand, for example. Here's how to do it.

Why is it a promising business

Ozon is one of the most recognizable Russian online trading platforms. By the end of 2020, more than 20 thousand sellersand this number is growing every year. But this is not the only opportunity for partnerships with the marketplace. For those who do not have goods to sell, Ozon offers another promising line of business - the point of issue of orders.

Now the company has more than 4, 5 thousand points of issue orders in 600 Russian cities … 80% of them have opened and are successfully working thanks to business partners. In 2020, the majority of buyers took their orders through the pick-up points.

Daily Ozon delivers over 320 thousand parcels, and last December a record was recorded: the number of parcels received during the day exceeded 900 thousand. It's time to join this project and make money at your own pickup point.

Opening an Ozon pick-up point is easier than opening a coffee shop or a ready-made food delivery service. And that's why.

  • Zero fees. You don't have to pay anything to work under the Ozon brand. The points of issue are opened according to the franchise model, but without lump-sum fees and royalties.
  • Minimum opening costs. You will only need funds for renting premises, redecorating and a minimum set of furniture. In the regions, spending on opening a point does not exceed 100–150 thousand rubles, in Moscow - 250 thousand.
  • Quick start. The approval and execution of documents is carried out promptly: the company is interested in the opening of new points as quickly as possible. When launching Ozon, it provides free financial support from 60 to 120 thousand rubles. They can be obtained immediately after the opening of the point and do not need to be returned to the company.
  • Double interest at the start. In the first 90 days, the new point receives double percentage of the turnover. This provides entrepreneurs with a soft start and makes it possible to immerse themselves in business as much as possible and have financial support.
  • There are no risks. All Ozon orders are paid on the website in advance, so the partner does not need to worry that the client will not come for the package. In addition, it excludes interaction with the cashier and acquiring - no need to work with cash or connect payment terminals.
  • Help with advertising. All new items receive free marketing promotion. You don't even need to order a sign - Ozon will provide it, as well as other brand materials and detailed instructions for work.

What is included in the work of the point of issue of orders

What is included in the work of the Ozon pick-up point
What is included in the work of the Ozon pick-up point

The business model of the Ozon pick-up point is extremely simple: you need to accept parcels, issue them and process returns. In addition to these three actions, the outlet owner can also monitor the coziness and comfortable environment - so that Ozon customers would like to receive goods from him. Due to the simplicity of work and quick launch, many partners open not one point, but the whole network.

How much can you earn

Ozon partners receive a fixed percentage of the net turnover at the outlet. The percentage depends on the tariff: "Brand maximum" - 4.4%, "Growth point" - 3.5%. The turnover consists of the sum of the value of all paid orders. Returned items are charged separately.

The convenient location and cozy space will definitely help you earn more. The more convenient it is for customers to pick up orders at your point of issue, the more often they will return to you.

You can also get additional income:

  • Install checkpoints. Ozon will deliver the parcels to the pick-up point, and you will place them in the check-in boxes for a percentage of the turnover. Ozon will cover the costs of servicing the checkpoint, including renting a place for it. It is better to place checkpoints near the point of issue, so that it is convenient for you to work with them.
  • Collaborate with other logistics operators. Ozon does not impose any additional terms on competitors. Such cooperation can additionally bring you up to 30 thousand rubles a month. The main condition for Ozon is to comply with the corporate brand standards.
  • Work with different online stores. The company allows delivery to its points of issue of orders from online stores that are not shown in the Ozon window. For the issuance of each such package, the partner receives an additional reward.

How to open your own pick-up point

How to open your own Ozon pick-up point
How to open your own Ozon pick-up point

Start by looking for a location - a commercial space or a place in a shopping area, for example, in a mall or a large supermarket. It is important that your pick-up point is in a crowded place: near a metro or traffic intersection, in a populated area, near a market or clinic. This way more people can pick up their order on the way home. It will be enough only 20 sq. m, of which at least half should be the client area. Ozon will provide you with a “security zone”: you don't have to worry that another pick-up point will open in the next entrance and steal all your customers.


Tatiana Khabarova, Barnaul

There is nothing complicated or costly in opening an Ozon pick-up point. The company will help you quickly start up and resolve all issues. Ozon has a place for partners - where the owners of pick-up points can find out important news and follow the dynamics of the company's growth.

Leave a request on the website, and Ozon specialists will help you find the optimal location in the desired city, recommend furniture suppliers and provide marketing support. This will bring people to your new pickup location and help grow your franchise business.