How to care for perfect skin and make up last longer
How to care for perfect skin and make up last longer

A quick guide to proper daily skin care. Thanks to such a seemingly simple ritual, your skin will become smooth as silk and your makeup will look perfect.

How to care for perfect skin and make up last longer
How to care for perfect skin and make up last longer

You bought a foundation or powder and already presented your radiant face, as in an advertisement. But instead of a luxurious tone, they got peeling, shine or a reddish tint.

Peeling skin, dryness, excessive oiliness, the appearance of a foundation, makeup that wears off quickly - all these are the consequences of haphazard daily skin care.

Well-groomed skin is not one on which there are no spots and light rashes or blood vessels are not visible. Girls with porcelain skin are rare. It's about the quality of the leather as a fabric.

Satin or silk has an even, smooth surface - this is a well-groomed skin. Velvet and velveteen have a textured texture - these are peeling on our skin. Coarse linen - the texture of porous leather.

The tone fits perfectly on silk-like skin. But do not rush to get upset - any skin can be made to silk. And those who have such skin should not relax in order to keep it in this form.

Skin care is as simple as a set of ab exercises, but requires daily discipline. Three exercises for morning and evening: cleansing, toning, moisturizing.

If you don't brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening, what will they look like? They will become covered with plaque, change color, odor from the mouth will appear, enamel will collapse, and as a result, caries. In the case of skin, caries is acne, or in a simple way, pimples.

1. Purification

Unfortunately, it is often neglected. In the worst case, they wash their face with water, soap or shower gel. At the best, cleaning agents are bought, but their quality is not always given importance.

The logic is simple - flush anyway. Of course, wash off, but cleansing can ruin the skin or improve it. The choice is yours.

Why does your skin need a cleanser?

It removes not only cosmetics, but also particles of sebum, which is produced around the clock. It is very important to wash your face with a cleanser in the morning.

If you don't use a special cleanser, your skin will soon resemble a plate being washed without dish soap. You don't wash your plates with shower gel and whatever comes to hand, do you? Why is your skin worse than a plate?

Cleansing the skin affects the durability of the make-up. If you put makeup on unclean skin, sebum will dissolve your efforts in a couple of hours.

skin care
skin care

How to choose a cleanser?

The main rule is the absence of a feeling of tightening of the skin. The maximum tightening sensation should be as after rinsing your face with water.

Cleansing without toning and moisturizing will lead the skin to dehydration and premature aging. Therefore, after cleansing, be sure to tone and moisturize the skin.

2. Toning

The toner removes the remaining water and cleanser from the face, evens out the pH of the skin. This is a tool that seems useless, but once you start using it, you will feel the difference. The use of a tonic enhances the results of cleansing and moisturizing at times.

Toners are additionally moisturizing, mattifying, strengthening the pore walls. The main thing is that the product does not contain alcohol. An exception is if a dermatologist has prescribed alcohol tonics for you.

3. Moisturizing

Even oily skin needs it. A moisturizer should also be comfortable for you: dry skin quickly filled with moisture, and oily skin did not overload.

Choose by texture, from cream to gel. For those with oily skin, light moisturizers with a mattifying effect are suitable.

These simple steps get you closer to your ideal. To spend a minimum of time on daily skin care, put the necessary products on the shelf in the bathroom.

Advice: use the same brand of cleansers, toners and moisturizers. Credible cosmetic brands specifically design formulations so that one product enhances the effect of another.

When choosing, do not pay attention to advertisements for "miraculous" ingredients that supposedly save you from all problems. It should be understood that it is not a miracle that is important for beauty, but a systematic approach, the selection of products by skin type and the regularity of their use.

Modern girls have every opportunity to preserve their beauty. It remains to add a little knowledge and discipline - and you will unleash the potential of your appearance to the maximum.

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