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11 revelations about life from a man on the brink of death
11 revelations about life from a man on the brink of death

This girl learned everything about the most important thing.

11 revelations about life from a man on the brink of death
11 revelations about life from a man on the brink of death

Sometimes you have to die to become famous. This happened to 27-year-old Australian Holly Butcher. She died on January 4, 2018 - an aggressive form of cancer burned the girl in just a year. The day before her death, Holly posted a farewell letter to her Facebook page. In it, she shared her thoughts with “those who remain”, telling what it hurts to say goodbye to and what is actually the most valuable thing in life.

In just a couple of days, the message has collected over 200 thousand likes. That's what it was.

Some Life Tips from Hol

It's a little weird to understand and accept the fact that you are mortal at 26. At only 26. Death is one of the things we try not to think about. Day after day passes, and it seems to us that it will always be so. But one day something happens that you are not ready for. Not at all ready.

About the old age that can be so desired

I was always sure that someday I will grow old. That one day my skin will become flabby, gray hair will appear in my hair, and extra centimeters at the waist. And all these changes will be associated with my family - caring for a loved one, our children. I imagined that I would have many babies. That I will sing lullabies to them, not get enough sleep, get tired … Now I understand: I wanted it so much and I want it so much that the very thought of that family (a family that I will never have!) Hurts me incredibly.

This is life. So fragile, precious, unpredictable … Every day is a priceless gift, not a given.

Now I'm 27. I don't want to die. I love life. I am immensely happy in her and every moment I am ready to thank my loved ones for this happiness. But alas - nothing else depends on me.

About the fear of death

I am not writing this letter because I am afraid. While we are alive, we do not realize what death is and how close it is. And I love it. Unless we want to talk about it for some reason, we pretend that death does not exist. That it won't happen to any of us. This is such a taboo. They don't talk about him. It is also difficult for me. It's too hard. Too … incomprehensible.

About problems that don't really mean anything

I would like people to stop worrying so much about their problems. Against the background of death, these problems, stressful situations seem like mere trifles. Just trust me. All of us - and me very soon, and you (perhaps in many, many years) - will face the same fate. We will all disappear.

In recent months, I have had a lot of time to think about this. Most often, these thoughts came to me at night, and I could properly analyze them in silence. So that's it.

Every time you feel like being nervous about little things, complaining about your life, just think about those who are faced with a real problem. One that cannot be overcome. The one from which you cannot escape. The one that crosses out everything. Think about me. And thank life that your problems are a mere trifle. They, unlike death, can be overcome. Remember this.

Yes, life's difficulties can be annoying. But at least try not to pour out your negativity on other people. You are alive - and this is already happiness. You can go outside and breathe fresh air. You can see how blue the sky is and how green the trees are. You can, but I won't be able to do it very soon. You are lucky. Really lucky.

How much we do not value

Perhaps today you are in a traffic jam or did not get enough sleep, because your beautiful children woke you up all night. Or maybe your hairdresser made a mistake and cut your hair shorter than you requested. Or the false nail is broken. Or the breasts are too small, there is cellulite on the pope, and the belly looks like flabby jelly.

Lord, stop thinking about it!

I swear you'll completely forget about these things when it's your turn! All this is nonsense when you look at life in general.

I’m looking at my body, how it is melting before our eyes, and I can’t do anything about it … All I would like is not ideal forms, but one more birthday or Christmas with my family. Or one more day (just a day!) Alone with your beloved and our dog.

Sometimes I hear people complain about too hard work or too hard exercise that the coach gives them in the gym. Ha! Be grateful that you can do them at all! Work or workout seems so mundane, boring. As long as your body allows you to do them at all.

About a healthy lifestyle that is not what it seems

I tried to lead a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps it could even be called my passion. But all this has now become unimportant. Appreciate your health and your own working body, even if it is not of ideal size. Take care of it, love it - just because it doesn’t let you down and it’s wonderful. Pamper him with movement and healthy food. But don't get hung up on that.

Good health is not only about the physical shell. Try to find mental, emotional, and spiritual happiness.

Then you will understand how unimportant is the “ideal body” that the mass media and social networks impose on us. Remove from your feed any account that makes you doubt the beauty of your body. It doesn't matter whose account it is - someone else or a friend. Be ruthless in the struggle for your own happiness.

Also, be grateful for every day that nothing hurts. Say thanks even for the days when you don't feel very well due to the flu, a sore back, or, for example, a tucked ankle. Yes, it is unpleasant, but it does not threaten your life and will soon pass.

Complain less, people! And support each other more.

The importance of support

Give, give, give. It is a holy truth: you will feel happier if you help someone. It is a pity that I did not do it so often …

Since I got sick, I have met a lot of incredibly helpful, generous and kind people. I heard many kind words from them. Received tons of support from family, friends and even strangers. This is much more than I can give in return. I will never forget this and will remain grateful to these people to the end.

How much love is more important than things

You know, it would be very strange: having money, start spending it at the end, before you die. At this time, I absolutely do not want to go to the store and buy, for example, a new dress (although I loved shopping very much before). Dresses have lost their meaning. In the end, you are absolutely clear about it: it is stupid to spend money on new clothes or other things.

Instead of dresses, cosmetics, jewelry, buy something nice for your friend. Anything to make him happy. Give your friends lunch. Prepare something for them yourself. Buy them a nice houseplant, a massage subscription, give them a beautiful candle. It doesn't matter what it will be. It is only important that this gift informs your friend: "I love and appreciate you."

How time matters

Learn to value other people's time. Even if you tend to be late - well, just get in the habit of getting ready to leave the house ahead of time. Appreciate that the other person is willing to give you an hour or half an hour just to talk to you. Don't make him wait by staring at the phone. This will earn you respect.

That even gifts are sometimes not needed

This year my family decided not to make traditional gifts for Christmas and not even decorate the tree. You would know how upset I was! I almost ruined everyone's holiday! But everything turned out to be very unusual and cute. Since no one had to run through crowded shops, my loved ones took the time to write greeting cards to each other.

Probably, it was right: imagine, if the family still decided to give me a gift, I would still not be able to use it and it would have stayed with them - it's strange, isn't it? And postcards … You know, they mean much more to me spontaneously purchased gifts. The moral of this story: you don't need to spend money to make the holiday meaningful.

About what you need to spend money and energy on

If you want to spend money, spend it on experiences. Or at least do not force yourself to give up impressions, spending everything on material, essentially unnecessary to you, nonsense.

Take the day to finally go to the beach - get out on a trip you've been putting off for a long time. Plunge into the water, bury your fingers in the sand. Feel the salt water on your face.

Feel like a part of nature.

Feel this moment, enjoy it, and do not try to catch it in the camera of your smartphone. It is foolish to live life through a smartphone screen, it is foolish to waste time looking for the perfect shot! Just enjoy this moment. Yourself! Don't try to catch it for someone else.

Yes, here's a rhetorical question. The time you spend on makeup and styling every day - is it really worth it? I never understood this in women.

Wake up earlier, listen to the birdsong, enjoy the first colors of the sunrise.

Listen to the music. Just listen! Music is medicine. The old one is better.

Hug your pet. I will miss my dog desperately.

Talk to your friends. Not on the phone. How are they really doing?

Travel if you like. Don't travel if you don't want to.

Work to live, but don't live to work.

Seriously: only do what makes your heart beat faster and makes you feel happy.

Would you like a cake? Eat - and no guilt!

Say no to what you don't want.

Stop thinking about what others will think of you and your life. Yes, they may have different ideas about how it is necessary and correct. But you may wish to live the most ordinary, but full of happiness life - and you will be absolutely right!

Tell your loved ones that you love them as often as possible. And love them sincerely, with all your heart.

If something makes you feel unhappy, be it work or personal life … Just tense up and change it! None of us know how much time is allotted to him. This precious time should not be wasted in suffering. Yes, I know this is often repeated. But it’s true!

In any case, this is just advice from a young girl. Whether you can follow it or not, I do not insist.

What everyone can do right now to make the world a better place

And the last thing. If possible, do a good deed for humanity (and me) - become a blood donor. By doing this, you will save someone's life, and at the same time, you yourself will feel better. Each blood donation can save three lives! This is a huge contribution that is available to everyone.

Donated blood (and I have already lost count of transfusions) gave me the opportunity to live another year. A year for which I will always be grateful, because I spent it here on Earth with my family, friends and my dog. This has been the most wonderful year of my life. Thanks.

And see you soon.


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