12 hobbies that will improve your life
12 hobbies that will improve your life

A hobby is what we do for pleasure in our free time. Why not combine business with pleasure? Let's find a hobby that will improve our lives.

12 hobbies that will improve your life
12 hobbies that will improve your life

1. Reading

Probably the most obvious hobby that can be beneficial is reading. With the right choice of literature, you will not only enjoy reading, but also increase your vocabulary, make your brain focus and train it at the same time.

By the way, studies have shown that reading helps relieve stress and also promotes good sleep. Read before bed!

2. Gardening

If you have a summer house or vegetable garden, you are very lucky. There are many benefits to this hobby. Firstly, being outdoors is already a plus. Secondly, it is physical activity that has a positive effect on your body. Gardening lowers the risk of dementia and lowers levels of cortisol (stress hormone). And one more plus - natural vegetables and fruits on the table.

3. Meditation

Each of us should meditate. Many people do not consider meditation a hobby, but we do! After all, you do it in your free time and enjoy it. Meditation reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, and teaches concentration.

4. Chess

Chess helps develop cognitive skills. During the game, both hemispheres of the brain work, both logical and abstract thinking are activated, long-term and operative memory is trained.

5. Playing the piano

Once you learn to play the piano, you will not only be able to entertain a group of friends at a party, but you will also receive many additional benefits. Playing this musical instrument will improve your motor coordination and your cognitive abilities. According to research, this hobby increases IQ by seven points in both children and adults.

6. Dancing

Dancing is not only fun. This is also physical activity, stress reduction and an increase in the level of the neurotransmitter serotonin.

7. Team sports

Joining a sports team is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Volleyball is a relatively easy sport for a beginner. You can learn to play well very quickly. This is a great way to spend time with interesting people, which already has its advantages.

8. Martial arts

Martial arts training is of real value to you. First, you will gain self-defense skills. You never know when it will be useful to you in life. Secondly, martial arts are not only physical exercises and various techniques, but also a very deep philosophy. You will need to learn focus and discipline. The practice will help you develop balance, endurance, coordination and strength, bringing your body and mind together.

9. Blogging

We've written several articles on why you should blog. This helps to organize thoughts and, if necessary, free the head of all unnecessary things. Do not just throw out thoughts, but write them down so that you can re-read later. Blogging makes you think about your accomplishments and life in general. After writing an article, you start thinking like a reader, that is, you look at what you have written from the outside. This helps to assess any situation with an open mind.

In general, blogging can be combined with any hobby. And even make money on it. Find a hobby for yourself, start describing in a blog why you chose this particular occupation, what problems you face, what choice you make in a difficult situation. You will have readers who love your hobby as much as you do.

10. Online courses

Knowledge is power. By learning something new, you become more confident in yourself. Studying about your job can lead to promotions and higher salaries. After all, learning stimulates your brain.

It is very easy to learn anything today. You don't need to go to courses or college. Just open your browser, find the course that suits you and learn new things.

11. Learning a new language

Why can't learning a new language be a hobby? Why not re-read your favorite writer in the original? If you only know Russian, you will be able to speak with 260 million people. If you add Spanish, for example, you will triple this figure. Plus, an additional foreign language will be a plus on your resume.

12. Knitting

Scientists say knitting can help those suffering from depression or anxiety. It's like meditation: very relaxing. Knitting also helps to concentrate and reduces the risk of dementia. And, of course, things that you made with your own hands will appear in your wardrobe.

Instead of TV and social media, devote your free hours to some new hobby. Then you will surely have a good time.

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