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15 life hacks from experienced drivers for beginners
15 life hacks from experienced drivers for beginners

As briefly as possible about the tricks that will save your time and save you from problems on the road.

15 life hacks from experienced drivers for beginners
15 life hacks from experienced drivers for beginners

1. Do not leave the car if you forgot where the tank is

Take your time to park in front of a gas station to find the right side. Look at the petrol gauge. Almost all cars have an arrow next to it that points to the tank. You just didn't pay attention to her.

2. Do not store the shovel in the trunk

In winter, experienced drivers keep a shovel close at hand. The main thing is not to carry it in the trunk. If the car is swept into a large snowdrift, a shovel from a snow-blocked trunk will be useless.

3. Keep the lock defroster warm

When temperatures change from thaw to frost, the locks can become icy. It's great that there are special defrosters. Just remember that a smart device won't help if it's in the glove compartment of a frozen car.

4. Don't leave documents in the glove compartment

A parked car can be evacuated. Or worse: hijack, open. In the event of any force majeure without documents on hand, you will be tortured to prove that the car belongs to you.

5. Slow down when others stop

If the car in the next lane in front of you suddenly stops, brake. In most cases, there is a pedestrian crossing over which a person is walking, or someone has decided to cross the road in the wrong place.

6. Do not succumb to provocations

You are driving on a single-lane road at the maximum permitted speed, and another car is impatiently driving behind you. Just relax and stick to the speed limit. Someone is always in a hurry somewhere, and the fine is paid to you.

7. Practice changing the wheel

Tips for motorists: practice changing a wheel
Tips for motorists: practice changing a wheel

Learn to operate your spare tire in advance - in a dry and calm environment. So you will not panic if you later have to do it under a downpour somewhere on the highway, far from civilization.

8. Wipe down the doors after washing

If you have washed your car in frosty weather, use a dry cloth to wipe the rubber bands on the door seals. This is not a cosmetic question: if the door freezes to wet rubber bands, you will not get into the car.

9. Don't drive through puddles

Drive through deep puddles carefully: there may be open hatches or holes hidden there. Do not accelerate, even if you know this road well. At the bottom of the puddle, there may be reinforcement bars that will damage the suspension.

10. Ventilate the passenger compartment before leaving the car

In winter, open the windows for a couple of minutes before turning off the engine. If this is not done, the windows will be foggy when you get back behind the wheel.

11. Carry a supply of washer fluid

Especially in the cold and slushy season. In order not to buy it on the sidelines from dubious sellers when the need forces. Anything can be in these containers.

12. Look at several cars ahead

If the windows of the vehicle closest to you are not tinted, look through them at the vehicles driving in front. This will help predict someone else's maneuver and prepare for it. For example, to slow down in time on the highway, and not resort to emergency braking.

13. Dry your brakes after a puddle

If you find yourself in a big puddle, drive smoothly, without accelerating too much. Then heat the brake pads to evaporate the water. To do this, you need to intermittently press the brake pedal several times.

14. At intersections, keep the wheels straight

Do not unscrew the steering wheel in advance when you are waiting for the opportunity to turn left. Keep your wheels straight. If they suddenly bump into you from behind, then the car will not be thrown into the oncoming lane.

15. Be careful when overtaking trucks

If on a straight narrow road the driver of the truck blinks with the right turn signal, but does not move anywhere, this is a sign for you. So the person behind the wheel makes it clear that he is pressing to the right side and allows himself to be overtaken.

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