Life hack: how to take a project from a designer at home
Life hack: how to take a project from a designer at home

If these nuances are overlooked, life in the home can be unbearable.

Life hack: how to take a project from a designer at home
Life hack: how to take a project from a designer at home

A design project is not just sketches of interiors. This document contains technical information about planning and communications that greatly affect the convenience of life.

So that the future home does not disappoint you, you need to check these points during the agreement.

  • Sockets. They should be enough for all the electrical appliances in the room, plus you need to leave a few free for vacuuming or charging your phone. Make sure the outlets are not covered by furniture. Do not place them closer than 50 centimeters to the sink, bathtub, pipes and risers.
  • Lamps. Lighting should be uniform and comfortable. The norm is from 10 to 20 watts per square meter: the lowest value is applicable for the bedroom, the highest for the living room and dining room.
  • Switches. They should be positioned so that you can turn on the light at the entrance to the room without having to wander in the dark. It is important that the light in the bathroom is turned on from the outside: there are usually no windows, and while searching for a button in the dark, you can slip on the tile. In the bedroom, you can make a redundant switch next to the bed.
  • Doors. Check which way they open. In living rooms - it is better inside, so as not to hurt those passing along the corridor. To the bathroom or to the outside. These rooms are small, so the door will interfere with mobility.
  • Warm floor. Make sure that the warm floor is highlighted on the plan, and the circuit of the heating elements runs through the free areas of the room, without falling under the cabinets.
  • Budget. Check that the agreed budget is met and that all work is available to you.

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