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5 ways to regain motivation when work seems boring
5 ways to regain motivation when work seems boring

They will increase productivity, and also help in personal and professional development.

5 ways to regain motivation when work seems boring
5 ways to regain motivation when work seems boring

The enthusiasm that you feel at a new job, over time, gives way to a period of stagnation. It happens to everyone. Sometimes this is due to the feeling that your skills are not being used to their full potential. Sometimes the frustration is caused by the members of the team you are leading, or by the sheer amount of chores that keep your creativity from unleashing.

In any case, efficiency suffers, and life becomes less joyful. If you notice this condition in yourself, try the following methods.

1. Collaborate more with colleagues

When you sit at your desk day after day, you see no one and only perform tasks for which you are directly responsible, you forget about the mission of the company that inspired you in the beginning. It begins to seem that it is impossible to do something more.

And in the end, you feel lonely and limited in opportunities. To prevent this from happening, it is important to interact more with colleagues.

You need a collaborative atmosphere in which everyone wants to contribute and try creative approaches.

If you are leading a team, try to create that atmosphere. Regroup participants, change the way they communicate, or change some elements of the office culture so that people have a genuine urge to work together. Let collaboration be the foundation of your corporate culture.

If you are an ordinary employee, look for different opportunities: create something of value with colleagues, offer your help, participate in discussions. This could be a step towards permanent cooperation in the future.

2. Take inspiration from the experiences of others in your field

Perhaps you want to achieve something specific, but for this you lack the motivation or knowledge. Find someone who has the skills and information you need. This may be someone you know or a well-known professional in your field who you've heard a lot about.

Go to his master class, talk in person, and if possible, watch him in action. Attend an event or lecture that is at least partially related to your work.

It energizes, gives motivation and new ideas.

And if you go with colleagues, the result will be even better. Who knows, maybe shared inspiration will help to find new approaches to work and an incentive to change something together. In any case, broadening one's horizons will be the impetus for taking a different look at the usual activities.

3. Look for advice and inspiration in books

The ideas that we come up with are directly dependent on the information that we absorb. Therefore, if you feel that you are stumped, pick up a book. This is a great source of inspiration. There you will find new ideas, solutions and opinions.

And perhaps you will even exclaim: "I have never thought about it from this point of view before" or "Wow, I can do that too!"

Look for books by authors who are related to your field of activity, because they thought a lot about the same thing as you. Read about those who find themselves in a similar situation for specific advice and motivation.

4. Ask for feedback

This will give you a different perspective on your work. Ask your boss or your team members for feedback, and you will see what tasks to focus on and what new goals to set.

Having goals is very important for professional development and job satisfaction. It helps to overcome the boredom and lack of motivation that inevitably come over time.

5. Find a hobby

If the only thing you put your energy into is work (whether creative or not), over time you will start to get bored and burn out. Therefore, try to find some other things that you care about. For example, a new hobby.

When we immerse ourselves in a hobby and improve in it, life becomes fuller, we feel happier. And thanks to relaxation and recharging, we come to work more vigorous and work with pleasure.