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Life hacks of the multimillionaire adventurer Gennady Balashov
Life hacks of the multimillionaire adventurer Gennady Balashov

Gennady Balashov, a dollar multimillionaire, politician, father of three children, owner of a beautiful Tesla car and author of the concept of tax-free Ukraine called "5.10", shares his life rules and special life hacks with the readers of Lifehacker. Do not miss!

Life hacks of the multimillionaire adventurer Gennady Balashov
Life hacks of the multimillionaire adventurer Gennady Balashov

- a co-operator of the 90s, and now a dollar multimillionaire, politician, father of three children and owner of a beautiful Tesla car. The author of the concept of a tax-free Ukraine called "5.10". Gennady owns commercial real estate in the government quarter and lives in Tsarskoe Selo, an elite center of Kiev with private buildings and the highest land value.

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Gennady drew my interest with his book "" from which I immediately understood - in front of me is a real life hacker.


Sport and health

Health for me is a regime. I came to this quite late. Meals should be regular, preferably 5 times. The break should not be more than 4 hours. You need to eat very high quality constantly.

A trainer comes to me - we swing in the gym at my house. There is no special training program, you just need to regularly do an hour and a half three times a week. I recommend walking a lot. If you don't want to waste time while walking, listen to audiobooks.

I go to bed early, at 10 o'clock, I always wake up at 6 - I need to get enough sleep.

Books that made an impression

I have a magic iPad, still old, a huge number of books have been uploaded there. Topic: psychology, politics, business, and music is also uploaded there. I mixed it all up. Now I don't know what books I'm listening to. I listen to the chapter, then the music, again the chapter, again the music. And it doesn't matter that everything is mixed - from the books I already pull out only a reasonable thought that can be analyzed, and the music then allows additional analysis.

I read paper books, but not as much as I used to. I read Ayn Rand quite late (Atlas Shrugged), and she also has a wonderful book, We Are Alive, a revelation for me.

The book that made the biggest impression of all time was Jack Palmer's Evolutionary Psychology. And more "40 Studies That Shook Psychology" by Hawk Roger. To some extent, they overturned the understanding of the world and gave a different view, and all this on an experimental basis. As a result, perhaps my book, How to Become an Adventurer, was born.

Day scheduling and planning

I have a clear schedule.

At a certain time, as a ritual, I have to be in the office - by 10 o'clock. Further - how it goes. Lunch is always on time. That is, I have certain points clogged, in which I always find myself. And then the assistants and employees know and arrange all the meetings between these hours and so that it is convenient for me. This allows you to do a lot.



I am not in charge of finances - my wife is in charge. She takes the maximum, and then - controls them as she wants. My task is to get income. Permanent. Therefore, I am always on the lookout. Basically, there is never enough money.

Finance advice is not to buy empty things. I can spend money on real estate or on a thing that will last a long time, but you cannot spend money on empty things, on something that does not renew. I don’t get hung up on phones and don’t change them every year. Now I miss the iPhone 6 - it does not satisfy me in terms of consumer qualities, it is no different from the iPhone 5.

Family and Children

We are an ordinary family. Children have a lot of freedom. Their life is also tied to regularity: school, swimming pool, English, chess. At home, my wife and I talk about money without hesitation, so the children are raised on money. And there is no need to talk specifically about money. Parents talk about money, and children perceive.

If mom instilled in her son that he should have money, he will have it. If mom instilled in her son that he is a gray creature and never, like dad, will earn nothing, he will be a failure.

I do not impose on them what to do. Let them do what they want. Our parents did not know what we would be doing, and we cannot know what they will be. We do not know what will happen in the middle of the 21st century.

Gennady Balashov with his daughter Dasha
Gennady Balashov with his daughter Dasha

Success secrets

All the time I come up with something, try to implement it. The scale is constantly growing. As long as the scale of the goal and the scale of the dream grows, everything is in order.

I draw ideas from the surrounding information. You can cling to some information and an idea will appear. I draw from communication, social networks, from what is happening in the world. Being in the right place is very important. I can pass here (the government quarter) and learn much more than is written anywhere else.

I don't go to conferences or trainings. People think that you can artificially pull yourself out, go to a conference and understand something. I teach something else - you have to break away and put yourself in constant daily information. Because the information contains a lot of halftones, peculiarities, and it is impossible to grasp them at the conference.

Sometimes I do master classes, I give them myself, but I have not seen or met worthy coaches here.


When they tell me about business coaches, unfortunately, I can't even praise anyone. All are empty. At best, good motivators: have read Western books and successfully excite hamsters. And in order to penetrate deeply into the human brain and change his life - there are practically no such people. I am, perhaps, a monopolist in this.

Rest - only the center of capitals

For me, this is, first of all, tourism. 4-5 times a year, not beach, but excursions or sports. For example, go skiing. I choose the center of the capitals. This is the best there is. I choose the best in any city.

Settled in the center and you can get to know the whole culture. Some people come to the outskirts, but in my center you can see everything at once. And I'm not interested in going to the outskirts. As in Kiev, I'm not interested in what is happening on Lesnoy.


Home as decoration

It seems to me that I managed to do there what I secretly dreamed of as a child. The fact is that since the age of 14, the Soviet Union gave a lot of performances. We watched them with rapture on TV. I even skipped school to watch all these performances, as well as films about the revolution. They entered our unconscious. And when I built the house, I realized that I was sitting in the scenery of these films. Therefore, there is a style of scenery.

Columns from some century, heavy furniture, frescoes on the walls, as if revolutionaries had entered here and hadn't destroyed anything yet, but there is already a modern machine gun.

And not like Pshonka. He has something different - he has kitsch, and on the one hand I have a heap, on the other - the way they probably lived before the revolution. This is how rich people live. I even have a picture that depicts a salon where people are received. Such a city house. When the house was being built, I was told - a typical French city house. Not a noble house, but a city house.

Life philosophy

My philosophy is “I want and I do”. When I have a desire to do something, I will do it.

"I want and do" - this is a good motto for those who are in business or are going to be an entrepreneur, who are going to make good money. You must immediately begin to fulfill your most unthinkable desires. Then the means are found.

When your goals are constantly increasing in scale, you are constantly evolving by leaps and bounds.

The point is that the goal has a very important function. When it appears, the search for information narrows. Information begins to concentrate. But she does not concentrate for an hour, she can concentrate for a year. Therefore, in focus you need to have a goal, you need to think about it, how to reach it. Because, as physicists say, we have an infinite number of universes, and there is definitely an opportunity to achieve the goal. In one of the universes. We need to learn to search for this universe.

It's a matter of faith. Because once you have believed in this goal, consider that you have achieved it. You may not have enough resources, strength. But you can definitely get what you believe in.

Here's an example. Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses, whose mummy was found in Egypt. The Egyptians believed in an afterlife, they had a cult. The faith was so high that enormous resources were expended to build a huge pyramid. Then the mummy was hidden there with some attributes. This is faith in the afterlife. Centuries later, this mummy suddenly appears in the British Museum, and it lives forever. Carries information about itself. It turns out that in some unusual way the depth of faith after 6 thousand years leaves the mummy in the British Museum. Now it is protected by the entire British government and the whole world.

The secret to achieving goals

Once you have inflamed your desire, it must be universal.

I want this. I have to get it. It is possible to get it.

The next point is belief in achievement. Once you have believed, all information begins to build up in the head in the right building blocks. As soon as you inflamed desire in your brain, when you stopped sleeping, you think about it all the time … And by some miracle, suddenly everything worked out! Even people sometimes wonder: “Wait, how is that? I just thought, but it is already."

This kind of magic happens to me all the time.

The most amazing thing that happened was that I wanted and inflamed my desire to become a deputy of the Supreme Council. I just assumed it was possible in my head. Then he began to prove it to his friends. I did not even know the division of powers, I was sitting somewhere in Dnepropetrovsk as a co-operator. Suddenly I thought: "Why not?" I began to wonder how to become a member of the Supreme Council. Once I started to be interested in this, I started to form a company that deals with this. I began to get into those structures that are engaged in this, and it doesn't matter that I did not get into the first elections. But I got to the second one.

Now I have a desire again - I want to create a tax-free state. Here the swing is very large. The point is that it is necessary to break the inertia of people and make them believe in the possibility of this to begin with. More than a thousand, tens of thousands of people. Part of it has already worked out: people write on Facebook, they are interested, they cannot be stopped, because this belief has sparked in them. Now my task is to ignite millions with this. Once this happens, I have no doubt that no one will be able to hold back. There will be a massive desire. And all this is built from desire. Just wished taxes were 5.10.

Dreams of the future

I am for tax-free Ukraine. This is my personal goal as well. I teach people to set global goals. And the most global thing is to come up with your own monument, it will be erected by other people. I came up with a gold monument for myself from a grateful people. What should be done in order for a grateful people to erect a monument to you? It is necessary to make sure that he (the people) become very rich. From here you think how to make the people rich. There are no other ways in the world how to abolish taxes and make money like on a Klondike.

Tax-free Ukraine is a 5.10 system. This is 5% sales tax and 10% personal income tax.

System 5.10 - when the entrepreneur does not pay taxes. There is money, they go through the territory of Ukraine and choose which industry to enter in order to provide it with money, where to invest. The principle of investing in the whole world is the same: money is looking for the highest business return, the highest margin - this is where the money will go. Note that in our politics everyone talks about agriculture. And in agriculture there is a low-margin return. As a result, we will never get up in agriculture and make money. Our politicians talk about industry. Industry is a low-margin business. We need to talk about services where you can double, triple your capital and focus on the development of services on the territory of Ukraine. That is, the government, the president and the people now live by the concepts of the 19th century.


Tax-free Ukraine is the only way out of poverty. As soon as people understand this, real events in their lives will begin to occur. Idea 5.10 is really the idea of equality and opportunity. Equality of intellectual power and equality of pay - equality in everything. If you are talented, you will rise. If you are talented, you do not blame the state. All should be equal before the economy. Enterprises, corporations, ordinary citizens - everything. Because Akhmetov has to pay 5%, just like a grandmother pays in a store or when buying something. Then there is a feeling of unity, equality.

Tips for 20-year-olds

To go to the best territory with the best people. Climb to the highest level immediately. If you want to be a Hollywood actress, go to Hollywood. If you want to be a super IT guy, go to California. If you want to be the president of Ukraine, go to the government quarter.

And if you want to be the CEO, go where you want to be.

summer performance balashov
summer performance balashov

About money

There are people who say that money is not a value, that freedom is important to them. They are lying.

Until you have earned enough money for your family, yourself, for clothes, and you are satisfied with the first level of Maslow's pyramid, you do not go further.

Because these things are interconnected, you cannot go to the second stage without satisfying the first.

Or it means that he has too small requests. There is a clear figure on this score: you need to have $ 50,000 a month in order not to count, so as not to want anything from the material world.

50,000 dollars means that you can buy any car, clothes, relax anywhere, consume at the level of the richest people in the world. Do not consume unnecessarily. And then you can reflect on what freedom and creativity are.

And if they think about it, when they have 1,000 dollars a month, then they cannot earn more and begin to deceive themselves. They come up with substitutes for themselves. They say “it doesn't matter to me”. It's like a fox can't jump to grapes and says "yes, it's probably green."

This is complacency. Why do some people earn money, but they have no complacency? “I’ll get to this, I’ll crawl, I need to.” And when a person wanted and wanted, and then "and I have enough" - from that moment on he is no longer interesting, and he is not interesting to everyone.


Risk for me is the theory of probability. I count the likelihood. The probability should be, preferably, plus all the time. That is, this is not a bet on "zero", not a bet on "red" or "black", but when you consider the probability and win-win. The casino owner has the probability of a win-win in the casino. Please play the casino if you are the owner.

Development and hobbies

If we talk about who I would be interested to talk to from famous personalities of the past, then I would talk with Freud. Psychology is interesting - it also gives an understanding of people and events that take place in society.


I am not so interested in people as in the state of society: why does it behave this way and not otherwise. I've been doing this for many years. It is interesting for me to predict the events that will occur, and build into them from the right side.

What is happiness for me

There used to be happiness - this is when you are understood. Everybody asked to be understood, a whole generation. Even the film was like "We'll Live Till Monday," it's happiness. And now it is no longer a value.

Now the value is to understand others. When you understand others, perhaps this is happiness.

A new generation has come, they want to know and understand other people. And when you know and understand other people and the situation, then you can feel happy and calm. You know your next step. You know what you are going to do in a month. Year.

A wealthy society like the American one, they generally live with a plan. They know where they will rest in a year. To know and understand - it has become a value for them. You feel happiness because you are confident in the future.

Pack leaders always move slowly because they are smarter and stronger than anything else. He doesn't need to rush, he knows what he can. And the lower layer always twitches, runs, does not know what will happen to it. They are always terrified. And when I look at such people, they rush about, do not know what to do. And real people who know and understand the essence of things behave in a completely different way.

Gennady Balashov
Gennady Balashov

10 life hacks of Gennady Balashov

  1. Have a daily routine that you follow.
  2. Listen to audiobooks: chapters of different books mixed with music.
  3. Do not buy empty things, buy something that will last a long time. Don't buy an iPhone 6.
  4. Give children freedom and calmly discuss the issue of money in front of them. Trust that they will be wealthy.
  5. Understand people, anticipate their behavior and integrate into events.
  6. To want and do a lot. If you have a desire, do it. Increasing the scale of goals constantly is the main secret of development.
  7. Go to the best territory with the best people.
  8. Earn a lot and only then think about self-realization and creativity. Don't be fooled and don't be complacent.
  9. Have a very strong desire and inflame it in yourself so that you constantly think about it.
  10. Take risks only when the probability is positive.

And the last, "golden" life hack - build a tax-free state 5.10.

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