20 simple nail designs
20 simple nail designs

We have made for you a selection of beautiful and very simple nail art. Ideal for those who do not like gel coatings and rarely go to the salon.

20 simple nail designs
20 simple nail designs

To make any of the manicure presented, you do not need any special tools (stamping, stickers, etc.) - only varnish and improvised means. The techniques are elementary, you can handle it even if you don't have artistic talent. Everything is so easy that you can repaint your nails at least every day, trying new designs.

Flower fantasy

For this beautiful and delicate manicure, you need a dots (ball-tipped wand). Many girls have it, and if not, then a hairpin or invisible will perfectly cope with its functions.

Invisible instead of dots, nail design
Invisible instead of dots, nail design

You can do it exactly like in the video, or you can experiment with the shades and size of flowers.

Neon manicure

This striking design is perfect for spring and summer. Colors can be matched to clothes using the appropriate shades of varnish. If you do not have a small diameter dots, use a toothpick.

Bokeh effect

In photography, bokeh is a way of blurring the background. A similar effect can be achieved on nails. To do this, you will need a lot of pink and red varnishes (in fact, you can have any color scheme), as well as a coating of a metallic shade.

The original jacket

This design is suitable for everyday manicure as well as for special events (wedding or graduation). White varnish with a thin brush, small diameter dots - and an elegant pattern appears on the nails in a matter of minutes.

You can also use this technique by painting from the base of the nail and experimenting with colors. Then the manicure turns out to be bright in summer.

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French vice versa

For a classic French manicure, frame the tip of the nail. But, if you highlight the base of the nail with white, it will turn out beautifully too. Wait for the base polish to dry and paint over the base of the nail with white varnish using a semicircular stencil (can be cut out of adhesive paper).

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Strict lines

It is easy to find adhesive tape for nail art in cosmetic stores that have sections with nail products. By sticking this on your nails, you will get a stylish manicure with strict lines. An excellent solution for the office.

Scotch tape is available - there is a large selection and reasonable prices.


Such a bright manicure can be done with dots (or invisibility), adhesive tape for nails and three varnishes - black, yellow and white. If you don't have tape, take a black polish with a thin brush and just paint in stripes.


A gradient is a smooth transition from one color to another or from a color to transparency. This technique is often used in nail art. The gradient on the nails is easy to do with a regular sponge. In order not to stain the skin around the nail plate, use a special protective agent or simple PVA glue (see).


Glitter varnishes are indispensable in nail design. After all, glitters come in small and large glitters, of different colors and textures. With their help, you can make a stunning manicure, no worse than a salon, for example, using the same gradient effect.

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You can also highlight the ring finger with glitter varnish. It's trendy.

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Newspaper print

The letters on the nails look very stylish. Soak newsprint with rubbing alcohol to transfer the letters to your nails. As a base, you can use any light varnish, as well as a gradient. You already know how to do it.


To create this spectacular manicure, you need black, white and colored varnishes, as well as a sponge. It can be used to create stars, the Milky Way, and the galactic glow. It all depends on your imagination.

Frosty pattern

The technique of painting on raw varnish opens up a lot of space for the flight of imagination. Armed with a toothpick, you can create real impressionist canvases on your nails.

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In winter, such a design, similar to frosty patterns on the windows, will be relevant.


Smooth lines and strict angles on the nails look impressive. True, if you are not a professional manicure master, it is difficult to portray them. But there is a technique with which you can draw a neat geometric pattern on your nails easily and quickly.

Denim manicure

This design is suitable for girls who prefer casual style or sportswear. If you don't have a nail art marker, use a black polish with a fine brush. There may be difficulties with the "pocket", but you will probably draw a denim stitch without much difficulty.


If it's easy for you to draw a straight line, you can easily complete this design. First, dot with dots, and then connect them with white varnish with a thin brush. See for yourself how simple it is.

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Stylish hearts

Insulating tape is indispensable in the household, not only on. You can cut stencils out of it and make an elegant nail design with hearts. Those who do not like black varnish can choose a different shade.

Rainbow zebra

Make a bright gradient, and then paint the stripes with black varnish with a thin brush. The result will be a pattern similar to the color of a zebra, only rainbow colored. However, any background can be used in this design.

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Bright rhombuses

Another summer design option. For its execution, you need a beveled brush like the one with which you draw eyebrows and arrows in front of the eyes. Instead of acrylic paints, you can use multi-colored glossy varnishes.

Embossed manicure

Apply a clear polish with glitters to the top coat (it can be of any color), let it grab a little and, armed with dental floss, give the nails a relief. When dry, secure with clear varnish.

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Manicure in the colors of the British flag is quite popular. Do you want to keep up with fashion, but don't know how to draw at all? Cut out triangular stencils from gummed paper or duct tape and paint your nails as shown in the video.

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Write in the comments which of the presented designs you like the most. Also share your original ideas for manicure, which are easy to implement at home.

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