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12 things I would like to know before going vegan
12 things I would like to know before going vegan

If you want to drastically change your diet - be prepared for a bunch of stupid questions and additional expenses.

12 things I would like to know before going vegan
12 things I would like to know before going vegan

The transition from traditional food to vegetarian and even more vegan is a deliberate decision. Everyone has their own motives: some feel sorry for animals, others feel discomfort from eating meat or dairy products and consider the transition to plant foods healthier. And for some, this is nothing more than a temporary food experiment.

You gradually get used to everything. But there are nuances that I would like to know in advance. Perhaps you would have changed your mind and ate barbecue instead of grilled vegetables for the May holidays. Or, on the contrary, they would have given up mother's favorite cutlets a year ago.

1. People will ask you a lot of questions

As soon as you tell friends, relatives or colleagues about your decision to become a vegan, a flood of questions pours out in response: why, why, can you eat this or that and what the milk was guilty of.

Some try to drag you into an argument, to impose your opinion, while you just want to calmly finish your salad.

At first, you do not have all the answers and you are not at all ready for such an onslaught. Vegan restaurants are becoming a second home. And not only because of the menu. It's just that no one will ask you about anything!

Over time, of course, you learn to answer confidently, you speak calmly. The main thing is to explain that this is your choice and you consider it correct. This makes it much easier to avoid protracted disputes.

2. You won't have to starve

A common misconception is that vegans, emaciated and unhappy, are hungry all the time. But it is far from the truth.

The first time, when home vegan cuisine is not yet mastered, you go to a cafe and just order whatever vegan you find and eat. Half of the salary goes to salads with tofu, bulgur porridge and dubious coffee with almond milk.

Then you want variety. You collect interesting recipes, invent something yourself and become a regular visitor to specialty stores and vegetable counters in supermarkets. Now you know exactly what dish you will eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You eat what you like until you feel full. And sometimes you even overeat.

It happens, of course, that you remain hungry at a party or event where plant-based foods are not provided. But this is rather an exception.

3. You will cook even if you haven't done it before

There are at least five reasons for this:

  1. You will know for sure that this is a vegan dish, since you cooked it yourself.
  2. The abundance of decent plant-based recipes will not leave you indifferent. You will definitely want to cook something!
  3. You will eat what you want, not what the establishments offer. And this is ten times more dishes.
  4. It is more economical. One trip to the establishment is about 50 carrot cutlets.
  5. Homemade food tastes better anyway.

4. Dishes now look a little different than you used to

Vegan: Vegan Lunch
Vegan: Vegan Lunch

The definition of food becomes more flexible. Often the usual first, second and compote with a bun for dessert turns into one large bowl of base (cereals, pasta, soy products), sauce and vegetables: fried, fresh or stewed.

In practice, there are many options. Soups, main courses consisting of a base and a side dish, and a dessert - all this is still possible, only with a completely different composition.

5. You don't have to be the perfect vegan

Sooner or later, you will still eat something that contains an unacceptable component for you. Most likely by accident. But, having discovered this, there is no need to be upset.

You can be boring to ask the staff of the institution about the presence of milk or eggs in the dish, but this will not give any guarantees. You probably won't even know about it.

Therefore, you have to accept this fact and come to terms. In the end, this is your conscious choice.

6. Have to plan every snack in advance

Gradually, you find suitable restaurants and cafes, learn where the best vegan sandwiches are made. Plan in advance whether you will be near such an establishment or need to pack lunch with you. Planning becomes your best friend, and you don't risk running out of lunch. It's in your best interest.

By the way, it is those who have not become friends with the planning who help spread the myth of the ever-hungry vegans.

7. You will also be planning outings with friends

Taking meat-loving friends to vegan restaurants is a bad idea. Therefore, you learn to compromise. Fortunately, many establishments today offer a vegetarian menu option, which makes life much easier for companies with different food preferences.

Be prepared that the first joint outings will be like a show: you and lettuce versus pork knuckle and ribeye steak.

Friends, no matter how good they are, will somehow ask you questions and, most likely, offer you to try a piece of juicy beef. You can go the other way around and, as soon as your dish is brought, immediately start treating your companions to it.

8. Find a vegan alternative to your favorite food - you can

Veganism: no meat burger
Veganism: no meat burger

When you go vegan, you give up some of your favorite foods. Or from everyone. This is frightening at first. However, as you dig deeper and go through hundreds of recipes, you find an alternative and learn how to cook vegan versions of your favorite dishes, replacing eggs, meat and milk in them with plant foods. Vegan burgers are delicious, no matter what.

9. You are open to new products that you didn't even know about before

When a significant portion of meat and dairy products are removed from the diet, there is room for something new. To diversify the menu, you start looking much further than rice, lentils, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and green peas. You will have to broaden your horizons and start trying new food for you.

A varied vegetarian or vegan table is not a myth. This is the desire of a person to eat interesting, diverse and tasty.

10. You will cook meat for your loved ones

There are aggressive vegans who strongly dislike meat lovers. Fortunately, there are not many of them. Close people ultimately make your decision, so why should they suffer from this? Much, of course, depends on personal beliefs. However, there is no need to rush from one extreme to another.

If your husband is crazy about pork escalopes prepared according to your recipe, you should not deprive him of this. You can also cook together, sharing responsibilities. Someone marinates meat, and someone prepares a side dish.

11. You will have to spend a little more

Unfortunately, vegan foods are not cheap. Especially if you are trying to eat varied and often. And if, with the transition to veganism, they began to use ethical cosmetics and household chemicals.

You find great deals, compare the assortment and quality of products and, as a result, choose favorites that suit all points. But the costs will still be slightly higher than before.

12. It's not as difficult as it sounds

Ditching the foods we’re accustomed to from birth seems difficult. But it is not so difficult if you approach it consciously, honestly answering your questions: “Why do I need this? Am I ready?"

Understanding the peculiarities of veganism can warn against making the wrong decision, or, conversely, give confidence in its correctness. The main thing is to stay true to yourself and not act against your will and under duress.

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