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10 best movies starring Dwayne Rock Johnson
10 best movies starring Dwayne Rock Johnson

From brutal cool characters to dramatic and comedic roles.

10 best movies starring Dwayne Rock Johnson
10 best movies starring Dwayne Rock Johnson

Putting on a show in the ring has been the main occupation of the Johnson family for three generations. The maternal grandfather and father of the Rock were famous wrestlers, and the grandmother worked as a promoter of the show. Dwayne himself also played in WWF for many years and earned several champion titles.

In 2001, he decided to devote himself to cinema. His brutal appearance and past achievements made him an action star. But self-irony and a charming smile allowed Johnson to play several comedic roles.

1. The mummy returns

  • USA, 2001.
  • Adventure, action, fantasy.
  • Duration: 130 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6, 4.

The action takes place 10 years after the finale of the 1999 film "The Mummy". Rick O'Connell lives happily with his wife Evelyn and son Alex. But they again have to face terrible curses. Young Alex has only seven days to reach the pyramid of the scorpion king. And Evelyn captured the Egyptian cult, which resurrected the priest Imhotep.

After a couple of cameos, Dwayne Johnson played his first major movie role - the scorpion king. In the picture, he appears only at the beginning in human form and closer to the end in the form of a terrible mutant. But then a separate film "The King of Scorpions" was shot about the formation of this character. Here Johnson has already played the main role and received a record fee for a newcomer of $ 5.5 million.

2. Treasure of the Amazon

  • USA, 2003.
  • Adventure, action, comedy.
  • Duration: 104 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6, 7.

Debt-busting specialist Beck is given a new assignment. The crime boss asks him to find his son, who disappeared somewhere in the Amazon jungle. As it turns out, the young man is trying to find an ancient statue made of pure gold. Buck decides to help. But the statue is hunted by both the local mafia and native Indians.

Already in this film, Johnson's comedic potential began to unfold. Adventure and action are in the foreground, and the hero waves his fists with might and main. But the text jokes and Beck's goofy expression make the atmosphere more fun.

3. Walking wide

  • USA, 2004.
  • Action, crime.
  • Duration: 86 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6, 3.

US Army Special Forces Sergeant Chris Vaughn returns to his hometown after eight years of service. He wants to continue the family business in a sawmill. Chris soon realizes that the once quiet town has become a breeding ground for criminals and drug addicts. He decides to fight crime in all possible ways. And soon Chris Vaughn becomes the new sheriff of the city.

Critics gave a very low rating to the brutal action movie, where Johnson played the typical tough guy. But fans of action in the style of the 80s and 90s liked the picture. No wonder they said that Dwayne Johnson is the heir to Arnold Schwarzenegger in similar roles.

4. Second chance

  • USA, 2006.
  • Drama, sports.
  • Duration: 125 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6, 9.

Sean Porter works in a correctional colony for troubled teenagers. He is trying to return his charges to the mainstream of normal life. And for this, Sean creates an American football team. Gradually, teenagers begin to feel the team spirit and even try to make their way to the school championship.

This film is based in part on the true story of the inmates of the Kilpatrick Colony. But the picture is connected with the youth of Johnson himself. Even before the start of his wrestling career, he had a chance to play American football on the school team.

5. Faster than a bullet

  • USA, 2010.
  • Action, crime, drama.
  • Duration: 98 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6, 5.

After a successful robbery, the rivals are trying to kill the brothers. But one of them survives. After 10 years in prison, he returns, wishing to take revenge on everyone who framed the brothers. The hero is trying to track down two detectives and a hired killer.

Another thriller with a completely classic storyline. Throughout the film, Johnson's hero walks in the same clothes, although the action develops over several days.

6. Fast and Furious - 5

  • USA, 2011.
  • Action, crime.
  • Duration: 130 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7, 3.

Former police officer Brian O'Conner helps free criminal Dominic Toretto. Together they get involved in another scrape, crossing the road to businessman Hernan Reis. Meanwhile, agent Luke Hobbs begins to hunt for them.

Joining the legendary franchise in the fifth installment, Dwayne Johnson soon became one of its main stars. He appeared in all subsequent episodes, and then received his own spin-off "Hobbs and Shaw".

7. Snitch

  • USA, 2013.
  • Action, drama, thriller.
  • Duration: 112 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6, 5.

John Matthews' son went to jail for 10 years on false charges. The father wants to help him to free himself with all his might. To do this, John begins to cooperate with the Drug Enforcement Administration. He infiltrates a drug cartel to figure out ways of distributing illegal substances.

With a rather standard plot, this film also found a place for the disclosure of Dwayne Johnson's dramatic talent. Here he is no longer a hero, able to lay down an army with his bare hands, but above all a loving father.

8. Blood and Sweat: Anabolics

  • USA, 2013.
  • Action, comedy, crime.
  • Duration: 129 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6, 4.

Fitness coach Daniel Lugo, in the company of two bodybuilders, kidnaps businessman Victor Kershaw and, under torture, forces him to rewrite his entire fortune on the kidnappers. Fasting criminals are trying to kill a businessman. But he survives and decides to take revenge.

Blockbuster supplier Michael Bay has turned a real-life creepy crime story into a black comedy. But aside from the tragic basis, Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mack are great fools on the screen, playing ridiculous criminals.

9. San Andreas Fault

  • USA, 2015.
  • Adventure, action, drama.
  • Duration: 114 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6, 1.

Raymond Gaines is a helicopter pilot for the Los Angeles Fire Department. He becomes a witness to a global catastrophe that destroys the entire city. Having miraculously managed to save his wife, Ray goes in search of his daughter Blake, who is stuck in an underground parking lot.

This film primarily attracts with large-scale special effects. Cities are falling apart, a giant wave blows away everything in its path. Against the background of such destruction, even the almost two-meter Dwayne Johnson seems weak. However, his hero does not give up.

10. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

  • USA, 2017.
  • Adventure, comedy.
  • Duration: 119 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7, 0.

Four students find an old computer game "Jumanji" and suddenly move into the jungle. They themselves have become adult characters in this game. Now they are waiting for a dangerous journey, a fight with enemies and the search for a way home.

In the adventure film, all the actors had to show their maximum comedic skills. After all, they played children trapped in the bodies of adults. And Dwayne Johnson did a great job of portraying a timid and shy boy for whom coolness and muscles are new.

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