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5 reasons why paid education is not worse than budget education
5 reasons why paid education is not worse than budget education

If you have not entered the budget, this is not a reason to get upset and give up the tower.

5 reasons why paid education is not worse than budget education
5 reasons why paid education is not worse than budget education

1. It's easier to do it

Often the competition in the paid department is lower, and there are more places. For example, this year in the direction of "Advertising and public relations" in the Higher School of Economics 35 budget places and as many as 200 contract. In addition, usually even more students are ready to take on a paid department than indicated in the admission plan. So if you missed the moment and the university has already recruited the declared number of paid students, check with the admissions office, maybe they will have a place for you.

Acceptance of documents for training under a contract usually ends almost a month later than the budget. Therefore, you can first try to enter the free department without any problems.

The main thing is that in order to study on a paid basis, it is not necessary to show supernatural results on the exam. In many universities, it is enough to score the required minimum points (its institutions are set independently), bring a certificate, conclude an agreement and pay. And even if there is a competition for a paid department, it is always much lower than for the budget.

2. The level and quality of education does not differ from the budget

Students of paid and free departments study at the same university and with the same teachers. The results depend only on diligence and ability. Both public sector employees and paysites can participate in scientific conferences and forums, competitions and support programs. As a result, the importance of diplomas will be the same: the employer will not ask whether you studied for money or for free.

3. Higher responsibility

You paid for the training, which means you will take a more serious approach to the educational process. It's a shame to fly out because of poor academic performance, spending money down the drain. If you don’t have the amount you need for training or you don’t want to ask your parents for help, you can use it. The main thing is to choose one that does not need to be repaid during training, so as not to be torn between study and work.

Sberbank has a grace period for the entire period of study: you will start paying the loan only three months after graduation. In the meantime, study, you just need to pay off the interest. To obtain a loan, you will not have to confirm your solvency. You can take an educational loan at "" to study at any Russian university - even the coolest. The main thing is that he has a license.

4. You can transfer to the budget during training

You can enroll in a paid department and transfer to a free one while studying. The conditions for this transition are different for each university, there are only two invariable rules:

  • budget space should be vacated - you can follow this on the university website;
  • you should not have study arrears, triplets in the record book, discipline violations, tuition fees.

By the way, if your university does not free up free places, you can try transferring to the budget to another university with vacant places.

5. You can save on paid education

In many universities, you can get a discount on tuition: from 5 to 80%, depending on the specific educational institution and academic performance. There may be several reasons for reducing the cost:

  • High USE scores. If you passed the exams well and before entering the budget, you were just a little short. In RANGHIS, for example, you can get a discount of up to 80% for this.
  • Victories and prizes at the Olympiads.
  • Gold and silver medal.
  • College graduation is excellent.
  • Other … For example, a large family, disability, loss of a breadwinner.

The benefit is not automatically issued. To get it, you need to write an application. Usually, the discount is valid only for the first year of study, but if you regularly attend classes, close sessions on time and get “excellent” or “good” for exams, there is a chance that it will be extended.

You can also get a discount during your studies. At the Moscow Pedagogical University, for example, for sessions with excellent marks they give a 20% discount, and if you have an A and one A - 10%.

You can also save on. For example, at Sberbank, part of the interest rate is paid off through government subsidies. The rate is 13.01% per annum, and you only need to pay 8.5%. The exact cost of the loan and the amount of monthly payments can be calculated using the calculator on the website "".

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