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9 Ways To Save On Insurance For Smart Drivers
9 Ways To Save On Insurance For Smart Drivers


Many people neglect Casco, considering this insurance to be unreasonably expensive. But nerves are more expensive. Together with the VSK Insurance House, we have prepared a short memo that will help you to buy a motor hull insurance cheaper.

9 Ways to Save on Insurance for Smart Drivers
9 Ways to Save on Insurance for Smart Drivers

Method 1. Cross out irrelevant risks

Casco not only protects you from expenses, even if you are to blame for an accident, but also covers expenses from accidents that no one expected. For example, natural disasters. Fortunately, this does not happen every day, so you can save money on these insurance points. Let's say the article “Fire and explosion” is excluded from the contract: the probability of this incident in the city is low. If there is no snowfall in your climate, you can check Snow or Ice Falls off. "Flooding" is another threat that is often appropriate to remove: dangerous water bodies are not everywhere.

Some drivers even refuse the category of "accident" and make comprehensive insurance only in case of theft or total loss of the car. It's better than nothing. Still, there is a risk of getting into an accident even in cities with low traffic, so the savings here can turn against you. B can be reduced to 35% of the total cost of insurance, excluding from it risks that are not relevant to you. The most important thing is not to sacrifice important aspects and not buy policies from fly-by-night insurance companies. Buy insurance from those who have been on the market for a long time. A policy from a reliable insurer will help you save your nerves and money.

Method 2. Refuse a tow truck or other services

Car repair is not all that you get with an auto hull. This may include a number of different services. For example, settling after an accident and collecting certificates of an accident. The emergency commissioner can do this for you. Insurers can also take over the evacuation of the car after an accident or other incident. Some drivers also issue the "Technical Assistance" option - minor car repairs on the road. For example, when you run out of gas on the track or a tire is flat.

Of course, all this will make your life easier. But if you yourself can collect certificates or change the wheel, this is a real opportunity to reduce the cost of the policy. In the end, the biggest hit on the wallet is self-repairing a car after a crash. And you can figure out the little things without an insurer.

Method 3. Equip the car with GPS

GPS / GLONASS systems installed in the car are another opportunity to reduce the cost of comprehensive insurance. This is telematics equipment that records the behavior on the road: speed, lane change, braking, acceleration and other parameters. Such data allows you to more accurately recreate the picture in the event of an accident. In addition, satellite systems show the location of the car: if the car is stolen, it will be possible to find out where it is. Customers with certain types of satellite systems installed in their vehicles can expect a discount. Which one depends on its type and model.

Method 4. Take insurance for a shorter period

How to save on comprehensive insurance
How to save on comprehensive insurance

The shorter the term of the policy, the cheaper it costs. This can be convenient if you are uncomfortable with parting with a large amount at once, but it is more customary to pay less once every six months. Another solution here may be the installment plan, which is provided by many companies. In addition, you can take a motor hull with a mileage limitation. This option is suitable if you do not drive much or only use a car during a certain season. The insurance company will install special equipment in the car that will monitor the mileage. If you plan to drive no more than 6,000 kilometers a year, save up to 20% on insurance.

Method 5. Behave responsibly while driving

Various factors affect the price of insurance. First, the age of the driver: older people are considered to be more responsible for driving, so they are not subject to a multiplier. Secondly, seniority: the more time you have spent behind the wheel, the lower the likelihood of provoking an accident. The technical characteristics of the car, the year of manufacture and the model can also play into your hands: the more expensive the car, the higher the amount of insurance, and therefore the price of the policy. In addition, you can get a discount if you have a good history: the absence of road accidents gives “break-even” customers an advantage. For example, a company offers a discount to its customers for accident-free driving.

Method 6. Change the insurance company

Insurers can give a discount for switching to their services from another company., for example, in this case, it can reduce the price of the policy up to 40%. If you have already issued a comprehensive insurance with another insurer, you can contact VSK for an extension. The price will decrease by a quarter - this is an impressive amount that will remain with you. This does not reduce the number of risks or services covered; you simply pay less. Then the situation is reversed: VSK Insurance House makes discounts to regular customers and rewards them for their loyalty to the company.

Method 7. Limit the number of drivers

How to save on comprehensive insurance
How to save on comprehensive insurance

Unlimited insurance is always more expensive than one or two drivers. It is logical that if in your family only you have the right, then there is no point in overpaying. If your family drives, but takes a car several times a year, you need to consider how profitable it is. Compare how much the price of the policy will rise with the cost of taxi rides on the same route. It may be more economical to tackle the family logistics issue differently.

Method 8. Include a franchise

Deductible (unconditional) is the amount that the car owner assumes upon the occurrence of an insured event. He shares the risks with the insurer and therefore pays less for the insurance policy. Let's say you took out a comprehensive insurance policy with a franchise of 15 thousand rubles, and got into an accident with damage of 50 thousand. Then the insurance company will cover the amount of 35,000, and you will pay the rest yourself. Usually, a policy with a franchise is cheaper at least by the amount of the franchise, but some companies give an additional discount on top.

Method 9. Apply for a policy online

First, there is no need to waste time and resources on trips to the office. It may seem like a trifle, but during the first ice or bad weather, there may be such queues at the offices of insurance companies that you will have to take time off from work. Secondly, some companies provide a discount for in-app and website design.

To issue a comprehensive insurance in the VSK Insurance House means forgetting about going to the insurer's office. Because everything is online - from calculating the cost and inspecting the car to settling insurance claims. You just need to download the mobile application "VSK insurance".

With it you can quickly download information - smart built-in scanner will transfer data passport and driver's license in one click - and instantly calculate the cost insurance by choosing only the options you need. And inspect car: for this you do not need to call an insurance representative - you just need to take a picture of the car in the application. On registration of a policy it will only take a few minutes: the document will remain in the application and will be sent to your mail.

When it's time to renew your insurance, you don't have to re-enter the data - this can be done in three clicks. And if it comes insurance case, then the registration of an accident will take no more than 10 minutes and it will be possible to go to the service station directly from the scene of the accident. The application will tell you which service is more convenient to contact, and notify when the repair of the car is completed.

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