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What to do to reduce dust at home
What to do to reduce dust at home

Simple life hacks, thanks to which cleaning will take less time.

What to do to reduce dust at home
What to do to reduce dust at home

1. To wash curtains more often

And other home textiles: cushion covers, tablecloths, bedspreads - they also collect a lot of dust. If you have blinds or roller blinds, you also need to pay attention to them: brush off dust or vacuum, and also wipe with a damp cloth.

2. Remember about ceilings

They also collect small polluting particles, and then settle on shelves, carpets and window sills. Once every two weeks, sweep the ceiling with a vacuum cleaner or a damp mop, if the covering allows, - and there will be less dust.

3. Take care of pets

Their wool collects a lot of dust and small debris, and all this eventually scatters around the house. Therefore, it is important to brush your pet regularly and bathe it as often as veterinarians recommend.

4. Keep windows closed

A lot of dust gets into the house from the street. So it is worth opening windows only for airing, at least on windy days, and using mosquito nets that trap some of the dirt. Especially if you live next to a road or construction site.

5. Reconsider the attitude towards carpets

Carpets, especially those made from virgin wool, look great and make the home more comfortable. But if you do not regularly thoroughly disinfect, bacteria, mites, and fungus can settle in their pile. And of course, dust accumulates in carpets, a lot of dust. If you have carpeted all over your floor, you might want to consider replacing it with laminate, parquet or tile - and it will take significantly less cleaning time.

6. Pay attention to pillows

Even if you regularly change pillowcases, a lot of dust still gets inside the pillow, which dust mites happily feed on. It is recommended to wash pillows and blankets from time to time, as well as dry-clean soft furnishings. And in general, it should be borne in mind that leather furniture collects much less dust and requires less maintenance than furniture with textile upholstery.

7. Give preference to closed cabinets

On open shelves, especially if they are filled with framed photographs, souvenirs and other little things, a lot of dust always accumulates. Some of these racks can be replaced with closed cabinets - and cleaning will become less frequent.

8. Get a humidifier

It helps to deal with static electricity, prevents dust from flying around the room and settling on surfaces. For a good result, you need to strive to ensure that the humidity level at home remains in the range of 30 to 50%.

9. Try an air purifier

Typically, a home cleaner is something like a stationary vacuum cleaner that draws in air, drives it through filters and removes dust, lint, and animal hair. And it does it quite effectively - up to 99% of small particles are retained on the filter.

10. Lay a rug by the front door

It retains the dirt that gets into the apartment on the shoes. It is worth taking a closer look not at the fuzzy options, which themselves turn into a breeding ground for dust and microbes, but, for example, rubber mats with cells that are easy to wash.

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