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How to properly care for terry towels and bathrobes?
How to properly care for terry towels and bathrobes?

In fact, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

How to properly care for terry towels and bathrobes?
How to properly care for terry towels and bathrobes?

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How to care for terry dressing gowns and towels?

Ksenia Yuferova

Soft, airy and warm - these are the associations that arise when we think of this type of fabric. But it is not so easy to preserve these qualities. Here are the points in the care of terry things you should pay attention to.

How to wash properly

  1. Use liquid detergents or capsules for washing. Due to the nature of the fabric, dry powder may remain in the lint, making the garment too stiff.
  2. Do not wash at temperatures above 60 ° C. Terry robes and towels are afraid of high temperatures. For the same reason, products made from this fabric cannot be boiled.
  3. Don't use bleach. It has a rather aggressive formula. If you still need to whiten the item, choose a chlorine-free product.
  4. Do not use the quick wash. It takes too little time to rinse, and the terry cloth absorbs everything well. Therefore, if you did wash in economy mode, turn on the additional rinse.
  5. Monitor the dosage of the conditioner very carefully. Yes, it makes fabrics soft, but you shouldn't add it with every wash. In addition, if there is too much conditioner, it can lose its hygroscopic properties. Ideally, for terry products, you should use products that contain silicone.

Also, always sort towels by color and degree of soiling, and do not wash terry towels with items that have zippers or other metal elements to avoid damaging the fabric.

How to dry properly

  1. Use the lowest speed when drying to avoid ruining the fabric. And if you wash by hand, do not curl the terry items too much when wringing. Delicate fabric requires gentle handling.
  2. Shake bathrobes and towels. This is to smooth out the fluff before hanging the laundry.
  3. Do not dry towels on a radiator, in electric dryers, or iron them. The heat destroys the terry fibers and makes the garment stiff. In extreme cases, things can be steamed.

How to store and use correctly

  1. Store towels in a dry, ventilated area. Never fold them in the bathroom: the terry cloth will instantly absorb moisture, causing mold and an unpleasant odor.
  2. Do not leave the towel damp. This should not be done for the previous reason. And in any case, do not throw a towel or bathrobe in the basket with other dirty things.
  3. Change towels at least every 3-5 days.

How to restore softness

If your terry products have lost their softness, then you can return it with the help of salt. Before washing, add 2-3 tablespoons of salt to the powder or leave the product in salt water for 40-60 minutes (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of liquid).

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