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11 Ways to Maximize Your Savings When Buying on AliExpress
11 Ways to Maximize Your Savings When Buying on AliExpress

Rating table of buyers, coupons, joint orders with friends and other tricks.

11 Ways to Maximize Your Savings When Buying on AliExpress
11 Ways to Maximize Your Savings When Buying on AliExpress

1. Save money right from the start

AliExpress gives bonuses to the user from the moment of his registration. Sellers interested in new customers give newbies a $ 2 coupon for the item they like. And in the section "Savings for beginners" you can find products with a 50% discount, which are valid for free shipping.

2. See the section "Everything under $ 5"

For just three hundred rubles, you can buy here accessories, electronics, goods for children and much more. Here you can find things with a 50% discount, among which there are quite useful little things - in this section it is quite possible to buy goods even for 40 rubles. It is also worth paying attention to the categories "Everything under $ 1", "Everything from 1 to 1.99 $". They contain interesting and convenient things - from vacuum bags for storing clothes to wireless Bluetooth headphones.

3. Buy with friends

A good deal strengthens a friendship - there is a chance to test it first-hand. When placing an order on AliExpress, you can invite someone else to purchase the same item for a lower price and get a big discount for it. The action works like this: in the section you need to select one of the offered products, follow the link and click the "Buy together" button. There is a summer offer right now - discounts up to 70% when buying together with another person.

4. View discounts of the day from Tmall

The Tmall branded goods store, operating on the AliExpress platform, offers customers products with the maximum discount every day. These are mainly gadgets, household appliances and electronics, but you can also find clothes and shoes here. If you are planning to order a smartphone or a coffee machine, you should look for them on Tmall - perhaps the thing you need is 70% cheaper right now.

5. Check the burning goods

The section of the same name contains products of all categories with the maximum discount. Here you can buy not only a cute jersey, but also a food processor for half its real cost. There are also themed collections of goods: backpacks for every taste, stylish sweatshirts, portable speakers and much more.

6. Use coupons

You should understand more about coupons, because AliExpress has a whole system of discount coupons. In a special section "", which is located in the profile of each registered user, you can see what options you have at the moment. They are divided into three types:

  • AliExpress coupons. Regular coupons of different denominations, which can be obtained when completing tasks in the AliExpress mobile application or when registering. They apply to goods of certain categories and when ordering from certain amounts.
  • Seller coupons. Brand sellers offer discount coupons when ordering a certain amount. It is important to remember that this type of discount has time limits. In your personal account, you can see until what date the coupon will be valid.
  • Special coupons. They can only be obtained in the mobile application, playing mini-games and exchanging the received coins, or during promotions and sales. The plus is that they can be used together with other coupons and get even more profit. It is worth noting that special coupons are applied to the items in the basket and deduct the required amount.

7. Install the mobile application

Adepts of shopping on AliExpress know that a mobile application helps to save a lot on orders. Thanks to him, you can purchase the coupons mentioned above, as well as find special offers that are not on the official website.

In addition, using a mobile application, you can share links to goods on social networks and receive real money for this. If any of your friends or acquaintances purchases an item from the link, you will be charged a commission. It can be used when shopping on the site or transferred to a bank card. The commission will be maximum if someone orders your proposed product for the first time. It is important to remember that links are only valid for 15 days.

The app also has the ability to grab a product for 1 ruble - a kind of game and action in one bottle. You can play it in the "With friends cheaper" section. The rules are as follows: you send a link to a specific product to your friends, and for each click, the price is reduced. The more clicks, the faster the cost will fall to the ruble and the item can be bought for that price. Friends for help in getting freebies receive discount coupons.

8. Keep track of the price

Each discount master should have their own tools. For example, extensions for tracking product prices. Let's talk about a few of them.

  • … This extension runs in the background when a user visits AliExpress. In the pop-up window, you can see the reliable seller rating, read customer reviews and quickly scroll through product photos. But the most useful function of the application is the ability to check the reality of discounts during promotions - the chart shows the highest price for the entire existence of the item, the lowest, as well as the history of its change.
  • «». It also works in the background, shows the real rating of the seller, describes in detail its pros and cons. In the lower left corner, there is a price change chart and information about the availability of discounts for the products you track. The main advantage of the application is the ability to compare the selected option with analogues from other sellers, view prices and ratings of several positions at the same time. By the way, "AliExpress Assistant" also allows you to track the item on the tracker.
  • … An extension that is very similar in terms of a set of tools to the previous ones. It features a pleasant, laconic design and compatibility with various cashback services: LetyShops, Еbаtes, Kopikot and others.

9. Raise your customer level

In addition to discounts and coupons, each customer can receive a unique bonus thanks to the rating table. Upon registration, the user is assigned a personal status, which increases over time. The more things you buy, the more privileges you get. There are four levels in the rating system:

  • Silver. The lowest level, the owner of which receives special offers on certain products and birthday greetings.
  • Gold. A buyer with this status is entitled to two coupons of $ 1, which are valid for seven days when purchasing goods worth $ 10.
  • Platinum. The Platinum level gives its owners a $ 3 discount on any product and a $ 2 discount on purchases of items worth $ 10 or more. A pleasant bonus is a quick resolution of the dispute with the seller: when returning goods worth up to $ 25, the amount is immediately transferred to your bank account without the dispute itself.
  • Diamond. If you reach the most prestigious buyer status, you will receive two coupons of $ 5 for purchases of goods from $ 25 (valid for seven days). Communication with sellers will be even easier - now, without opening a dispute, the amount for goods worth up to $ 100 is returned.

To get to the top of the rating table, you need to collect points. They can be obtained by making purchases on the site, leaving reviews, visiting the mobile application every day and participating in all kinds of promotions.

10. Pay attention to shipping

When ordering a product, look at what cost delivery will cost you - it does not apply to all things. If on the headphones you like, you see the amount of delivery twice as much as their cost, you should look for the product from another seller. You can use the extensions listed above, or look in the "Related offers" section at the end of the page. Delivery depends on the city from which the seller sends the package. Under the description of the goods, it is often possible to select the place of departure of the item and change the paid delivery to free.

11. Look for promo codes

A promo code is a code of letters and numbers that is entered before purchasing a product and gives it a discount, free shipping and other pleasant bonuses. All valid combinations are collected.

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