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Weird entries may appear on your medical record. Here's what to do about it
Weird entries may appear on your medical record. Here's what to do about it

Where do the records of doctors you have not visited come from in the medical record, how this threatens and how to fix it.

Weird entries may appear on your medical record. Here's what to do about it
Weird entries may appear on your medical record. Here's what to do about it

Have you ever had a visit to a polyclinic and found in the card a record of a doctor, whom you, in fact, did not visit? Regardless of the answer, I think it will be useful to find out: how is this possible, where to find "new" diagnoses established without your direct participation, how to deal with it and why it is necessary to fight.

So, first things first.

Where do the records of doctors you have not visited come from?

There may be several reasons, objective and not very. Perhaps this is a technical error, for example, a record of a namesake got into your card. There are also failures in the software product, when the record of one visit is simply duplicated for several people.

And in each clinic there is a plan of patient appointments, which is divided into doctors. If the doctor does not have enough visits, then sometimes subscripts are used.

Where to see the history of your visits to doctors

On the website of the territorial CHI fund of each constituent entity of the Russian Federation, a personal account of the insured has been created, where everyone can see what kind of medical care they have received over the past year.

In order to enter it, you need a username and password. The login is your SNILS, and the password is issued by the insurance company that issued the policy.

There, in your personal account, data is stored on all calls to medical organizations that are part of the compulsory medical insurance system: a polyclinic (including a dental clinic), an ambulance, a hospital. The only thing that you will not find there is visits to commercial clinics, since they do not work on a single software product of the Ministry of Health of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

It is there, in your personal account, that the visits to medical institutions assigned to you can be found.

How to deal with postscripts

  1. In your personal account, opposite each appointment record, there is an active button, by clicking on which you refuse to confirm this fact. The program itself will form an appeal to the insurance company. Upon such an appeal, insurance experts will conduct an examination of the quality of medical care, according to the results of which they will be able to impose financial sanctions on the clinic and remove a non-existent admission from the system.
  2. If you find an additional entry in the card, you should write an application to the insurance company. Any written complaint is obligatory for consideration and examination.

    You can also contact other executive authorities: the Ministry of Health, Roszdravnadzor, the CHI fund, the head of the region, but only experts of the insurance company have the right to consider your complaint on the merits and conduct an audit. Therefore, your complaint will still be redirected to them.

Why fix it

It would seem, what's the difference: well, there is a record, who does it interfere with? Here are some examples from practice.

The wife found in her husband's medical record a venereologist's record of admissions and an unpleasant diagnosis. It was fortunate that at the time this recording was made, the whole family was vacationing in a sanatorium.

Or another example: after an accident, a man is taken by ambulance to the hospital in an extremely serious condition. He is unconscious. Doctors, in order to determine which drugs can be used and whether they are allergic, go into the patient's electronic card, and there - nothing. Because the man was treated only in paid clinics. And doctors will not find out that he suffers from chronic diseases, is diabetic and allergic.

Everything that is reflected in your personal account is very important. This information can literally save your life. I hope now you have a desire to visit your personal account and bring all the data in line with reality.

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