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15 cell drawings to help relieve stress
15 cell drawings to help relieve stress

Both children and adults will repeat them with pleasure.

15 cell drawings to help you cope with stress
15 cell drawings to help you cope with stress

Why create drawings by cells

First, it's simple. The cells on the paper serve as a guide for the outline of the drawing. To depict something, you just need to paint over the ones you need. Secondly, it's interesting. Drawing is always a creative process. And even those who do not have special skills can cope with such drawings.

In addition, coloring helps to improve mood, overcome stress and reduce anxiety levels Randomized Controlled Trial of Adult Therapeutic Coloring for the Management of Significant Anxiety in the Emergency Department, since creativity and creating something with your own hands affects the brain. similar to the effect of meditation.

What do you need

Materials and tools for such creativity can be found, perhaps, in any home. The main thing is the notebook sheets in the box. Plain paper will not work, otherwise the whole meaning of these drawings will be lost.

You also need a felt-tip pen or pencil to draw. Use colored markers or pencils to color in your drawings. And if you don't have them, you can use a simple pencil to adjust pressure and shade.

How to draw cell by cell

To do this, it is enough to simply repeat, that is, to sketch, an already finished image from a picture or video. For convenience, you can first mark the cells that need to be colored with dots, ticks or crosses, and then, if desired, circle them for clarity.

When you get your hand, you can try to come up with pictures yourself. In all the videos below, the author makes drawings from scratch: marks the necessary cells, outlines all the contours and gives color. Therefore, the process at first seems complicated, but only at first glance.

Choose the method that is more convenient for you: copy the finished image or repeat after the author from the very beginning.

What can be drawn by the cells

There are a lot of options. Here are just a few of them.


To draw it, you need to outline the contours and paint over the entire space inside. You can also leave a few squares white to make the ball look more voluminous.


By the same analogy, you can draw a heart. This pattern is completely symmetrical, with the exception of light cells.


There is also an unpainted space inside this smiley - a smile. But, unlike the previous ones, it is part of the drawing, so you need to make an outline for it.


In some of the drawings, between the main contours, the cells are painted over with several colors, like the cherries in the video below. If you are afraid to make a mistake, first circle the necessary cells or mark them with color.


In this figure, the marked outlines of the cells are just visible, which the author painted over in gray.


Another symmetrical pattern, only the eyes are not symmetrical. It is desirable to give this image a color so that the penguin is recognizable due to its color.


This image is pretty simple. You can only make outlines and depict the eyes and mouth. Or you can repeat after the author and add colored spots.


Such a cat is also easy to draw. Almost the entire pattern is symmetrical, except for the tail on the right. You can add color if desired.

Mickey Mouse

For the famous mouse, colored markers and pencils are not required. The sides of the picture are exactly the same.


This drawing is more complicated because there is no symmetry in it.


It's the same with this image. It is better to paint it - this way the drawing will look much better.


The bear drawing will also look more interesting if you make it in color.


Almost all the contours of this drawing are straight, so drawing them is not difficult. The peculiarity of the owl is in color. In order not to get confused, it is worth encircling the borders of the cells to which you will need to add color.


She is also recognizable precisely because of the color. The drawing is not as symmetrical as it might seem at first glance, so be careful when drawing the outlines.


To create it, you will need red and blue markers or pencils, since it is in these colors that the superhero costume is made.

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