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Suitcase or backpack: what is more convenient to travel with
Suitcase or backpack: what is more convenient to travel with

The life hacker understands the pros and cons of suitcases and backpacks of different sizes.

Suitcase or backpack: what is more convenient to travel with
Suitcase or backpack: what is more convenient to travel with

With what to fly on vacation, on a business trip, to the wedding of your best friend or for a weekend in Europe - this difficult choice is faced by everyone who has a long trip. Each type of baggage has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's figure out in which cases it is worth packing a suitcase, and where it is more convenient to travel with a backpack over your shoulders.



  • Rigid suitcases are shock-resistant and usually have a lock to protect your belongings from theft.
  • Rolling a suitcase around an airport or train station is much easier than lugging a backpack.
  • A formal suit can be folded into a suitcase so that it is not remembered.
  • The suitcase is easier to repack if necessary.
  • Most suitcases, especially those with hard shells, are waterproof.
  • In a suitcase, it is easier to separate dirty clothes from clean ones, and in general it is easier to arrange things in order.


  • Wheels are of little use on paving stones, on a muddy road and with other difficulties of the terrain, and carrying a suitcase in your hands is still a pleasure.
  • It is inconvenient to move with a suitcase in the city crowd and public transport. In general, a suitcase severely restricts your freedom of movement.
  • A good suitcase is not cheap, but a bad and cheap one can let you down on a trip: for example, if its lightning breaks or a wheel falls off.

A suitcase is convenient if you are going to one specific place, for example, to a resort. Also, the suitcase is suitable for those who travel by car or physically cannot carry weights on their backs, as well as those who travel to official events and on business trips.

Small backpack


  • It is easy to carry with you everywhere, it does not restrict freedom of movement.
  • It fits under an airplane seat, so you don't have to worry about losing your luggage.
  • The small backpack is versatile: you can take it with you on a long trip, and on a hike or to work.
  • The small volume of the backpack means that on the trip you will not fill it with a bunch of unnecessary souvenirs.


  • In small backpacks, things are most often placed on top, which means that every time you need to pull something from the bottom, you have to get it out and put it all over again.
  • Backpacks are individual things, so you will have to look for the one that is convenient for you.
  • The small size imposes restrictions on the amount of things you take with you. If your trip covers several climates and you need clothes for all occasions, a small backpack is not for you.
  • A backpack is not as strong as a suitcase - it's best not to sit on it or drop it.
  • The clothes will have to be rolled up, not folded, which means that an evening dress and a business suit will inevitably wrinkle.

A small backpack is ideal for short trips and visits to several different places on the same trip. The backpack is also suitable for those who do not mind washing their clothes while traveling.

Large backpack


  • It is more mobile than a suitcase, and its capacity is almost the same.
  • The larger the backpack, the more pockets it has. The more pockets, the more opportunities to arrange things in order.
  • Running with a backpack is easier than running with a suitcase.
  • Suitable for both hiking and travel.
  • As a rule, even inexpensive, large-volume backpacks are very durable, which means they can be safely checked in.
  • It is easier to keep track of it than a suitcase, since it is almost always behind you.


  • Large backpacks are not cheap, and finding the one that's right for you can be tricky.
  • Keeping a backpack safe from thieves is more difficult than a suitcase: given how many pockets it has, you need a dozen locks.
  • It is difficult and inconvenient to carry a huge stuffed backpack on you for a long time, what can we hide.
  • It is more difficult to arrange things in a backpack in order than in a suitcase.
  • It is useless to fold your clothes - all the things will be wrinkled anyway. We'll have to roll it up.
  • Finding the right size for a backpack can be difficult. Some models do not fit well and are uncomfortable to wear if the backpack is not filled to the top.

Large backpacks are good for those who do not mind carrying loads on their backs, but who lack the volume of a small backpack. They are indispensable for long journeys with a difficult route.

Of course, a lot also depends on our own preferences. Someone always travels with a suitcase, regardless of destination. Someone does not part with their favorite backpack even when they fly to business negotiations. If it is so convenient for you, great!

The only type of luggage that is difficult to understand is the large sports bags. However, even they have their own few, but loyal fans.

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