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Internet Marketing and Household Heroism - Interview with Denis Shapkarin, Nectarin
Internet Marketing and Household Heroism - Interview with Denis Shapkarin, Nectarin

About non-indifference, the fight against fear and the ineffectiveness of checklists.

Internet Marketing and Household Heroism - Interview with Denis Shapkarin, Nectarin
Internet Marketing and Household Heroism - Interview with Denis Shapkarin, Nectarin

What do you do in your work?

All my companies are internet marketing stories. Having understood the work of one, I simply began to create others, which, in my opinion, are similar to each other in the management system, but differ in products.

My position is owner. This means that I do everything to ensure that my assets are useful to the clients of the group, are a valuable place of work for employees, grow in value and bring profit to shareholders.

And for my heart, five years ago I created the "Feats" project - a community about ordinary everyday heroes, to which, probably, every resident of Russia should subscribe.

Tell us more about this project

I think that there are no good and bad people. There are good and bad deeds, and we just repeat what we see more often. We seem to be aware of the existence of eternal values: kindness, help, compassion. But in newspapers, from TV screens, pages of websites and social networks, we are told the opposite: in Russia they die everywhere, abandon children, sit, drink, rape, steal … And the opposite mechanism is developed - indifference to everything. Here "Feats" is a project about indifference. No one will stand aside if there is a good example in front of your eyes all the time.

Where did you learn what you can?

Everything that I can, I learned in battle. But I have the deepest and most necessary education in the world: I am a historian, which means I can study the experience of the past, draw conclusions and use them in life.

I have been working since the age of 14, I got a big management school in children's camps: "Artek", "Orlyonka" and others. I needed money, and I worked as a counselor for 5-6 months a year. There he learned to manage, persuade, lead, negotiate … Then he polished it with a second diploma - he received additional education at the Plekhanov Academy under the presidential program "Strategic Management".

I study constantly: I listen to books while driving, I read a lot, attend trainings. In principle, I am interested in people, their resources, meanings and mechanisms of work.

internet marketing: Denis Shapkarin
internet marketing: Denis Shapkarin

In communicating with successful entrepreneurs, I also learn and believe that this is the most valuable knowledge. A person can only give what he has, so people with a real measurable result are of the greatest interest to me personally. I think that half an hour of walking with a person who earns 20 times more than you is enough to rethink your life. Or, for example, with a man who has five children. Or someone who has a company with 5,000 employees. Here are my nuclear power plants, my sources of knowledge and inspiration.

Why Internet Marketing? Was it hard to delve into the specifics of the business?

At the very beginning of my career, I worked at Eteam together with Andrey Anishchenko, who later became the Gender of the digital agency Grape. We made multimedia presentations for companies, and I really liked that they were many times more comfortable and more compact than paper media and could simultaneously perform a bunch of different tasks: include, for example, a company's video presentation and an interactive training for employees.

The format was in demand, and at some point I thought that if you do the same on the Internet, you can achieve incredible results.

I began to study this topic, switched to RBC SOFT, started working on websites and realized that I was simply fascinated by the scale of the Internet!

At the start, of course, it was difficult: I have a liberal arts education, and digital means formulas, numbers, weekly updated tools. But gradually everything fell into place - and away we go. Now I see the beauty of a digital promotion channel in this: it is completely miscalculated, you can't invent anything there. If it is easy to drown in forecasts with outdoor advertising, then here you agree with the client about payment for a specific result. And if you are friends with your head, then you will show this result.

In general, it was hard, of course, but in the end the desire to use the opportunities won out over laziness and difficulties.

What success have you achieved in your work?

I consider the Nectarin agency to be the most important achievement. Because at the start there were two people, and now there are 300, because there is an office in my native Saransk and the company gives work to my fellow countrymen, because we have super clients and we are independent.

internet marketing: Nectarin
internet marketing: Nectarin

The measurable results are as follows: the annual turnover of the group of companies is 3 billion rubles. We have 400 employees in different cities of the country, 150 clients. And the company Nectarin, created by me the next year after graduation, became the agency of the year according to AdIndex. And immeasurable … I am 35 years old, it is interesting for me to live. What could be more important?

internet marketing: Nectarin
internet marketing: Nectarin

What drove you on the path to success?

I just wanted to be a rich man and manage people. I am envious, it pissed me off that my friend had a computer, but I didn’t. I wanted to drive and allowed myself to dream about it. And then I realized that in order to achieve a result, you need to be able to predict the future. This is how I got into internet marketing and was not wrong. The strongest, smartest, sharpest guys in advertising work on the Internet. I find it interesting with them: they are fast, they understand almost everything.

What difficulties do you face in your work?

Only fear. Nothing more. Sometimes the fear is “I don’t know how it works”. Sometimes fear of big guys. Sometimes - in front of new people.

Can you advise on how to deal with these fears?

Fear paralyzes people. And they make the wrong decisions, which then make up the wrong life.

The only effective way to deal with fear is to act.

No one knows what lies ahead, but in my experience 95% of the fear is just unnecessary anxiety and panic.

At the time of making all the key decisions in my life - moving to Moscow, starting a company - there was fear. Our brain is very talented, it can draw the most frightening picture. How to cope with the tasks that the client sets? Where to get the people? How to create an advertising campaign? How do you meet a client at all? There are many fears at the start.

But then, over and over again performing certain actions, you understand that there was no reason for fear. Well, we need a meeting with a client - okay, let's go, tell us how you can be useful. You need to hire employees - okay, you register at the recruiting service, you meet people, ask questions, look for them. And the more knowledge you gain, the more actions you perform, the less anxiety.

Tell us about your mistakes and what they taught you

Mostly he was mistaken in people: he underestimated the power of envy, did not see deception. There were mega-successful projects: there is a cool product, there is a market, there are clients. But he overlooked the man, did not see his true intentions - and that's it, a loss.

I learned this: the same laws work in the spiritual world and the physical world.

"What you sow, so you reap" - the law of conservation of energy. "Like attracts like" - the law of attraction. The principle, I think, is clear. The main thing is your faith in these laws and honesty with yourself. And if you do not work out enough, do not "sow on time", then you do not need to wait for the result. If you allow envy or fear to guide your decisions, then, by law, there will be no result. My main mistake is not believing in these laws until I was 33.

What kind of specialists will be in demand in the field of Internet marketing in the coming years?

Young professionals need to learn about digital inventory. The more you know the secrets of achieving specific goals on the Internet (through contextual advertising, media, SMM - it doesn't matter), the more in demand you are. A person with a conditional salary of 150,000 rubles can save a company that invests in Internet promotion tens of millions, so good specialists are well paid.

But studying conversion inventory alone is not enough. It is necessary to simultaneously learn to manage the teams that work with him. Call this position “digital producer”, “project manager” whatever you like. But you need to be able not just to write down a landing page and display a banner, but to be able to build a team workflow with an understanding of the intricacies of the client's business. This is aerobatics.

Well, the mega-cool specialty is programming, modern magic. From anywhere in the world, a strong proger can write an application, service, site that will attract thousands of people. This is a very promising story, in my opinion.

What does your workplace look like?

A wooden table, a knife, a computer, a pencil, a man who drags the moon with him … I have cleanliness, order always. I swear if something is not in place.

internet marketing: Denis Shapkarin's workplace
internet marketing: Denis Shapkarin's workplace

How do you organize your time?

I have one technique. I always write down my accomplishments and never plan anything long term. I just see myself where I need it, and so that everything around me is as I need it. If I don't see, I just don't go there.

Unfinished tasks in checklists kill energy and desire to live, but achievements help you understand who you are. Therefore, I am for the accumulation of achievements, not for tasks.

Tell us about your hobbies

internet marketing: Denis Shapkarin
internet marketing: Denis Shapkarin

I really love to develop and teach people - it's good that this is related to my work.

I love leather jackets. My hobby is dark fashion clothes. I love to sing to the guitar with good vociferous guys. I love the computer. Games. I go in for sports - while it's just a gym. I am dissatisfied with myself on this site - I just can't find a sport to my liking.

Life hacking from Denis Shapkarin


  • "Heart of a Surgeon", Fedor Uglov - about love for the profession and the formation of values at the start.
  • “Fear… but do it!” Susan Jeffers - for the anxious.
  • Achieving the Maximum: 12 Principles by Brian Tracy - For those 25 and early.
  • “Russian entrepreneurs. Engines of progress”- for faith in the Fatherland and our roots.

For everyone who wants to understand themselves, I recommend starting with a family history. Only in an amicable way: with archives, questionnaires and a trip to the homeland of their ancestors. In my opinion, the most valuable thing you can do for yourself and your children is to leave a generic book.

Films and series

I really like Vikings. Everything is fair there. In general, now I watch Soviet cinema. Seventeen Moments of Spring, Shadows Fade at Noon, war films are very deep and powerful. And the music, of course, is great there.

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