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13 little tricks to boost motivation
13 little tricks to boost motivation

If you lack intrinsic motivation, follow these simple tips.

13 little tricks to boost motivation
13 little tricks to boost motivation

1. Remind yourself of the reason

There are boring things that you don't want to do at all. Remember why you started at all. This will make the case seem more attractive. If you can't remember the reason, it might just not be worth it.

2. Work at least a little

Start with five minutes. Often this little effort is enough to get you motivated.

3. Move correctly

Move as if you are energetically determined to get the job done. Although this approach seems ridiculous, it works.

4. Determine the next step

You cannot work on the entire project as a whole. When we have a formless mass of work in front of us, we procrastinate. Divide it into specific steps to make it easier for yourself.

5. Understand what is holding you back from work

Are you tired, afraid, bored, worried, angry? Are you running out of time or are you waiting for information from someone? Don't expect it to go by itself. Determine the cause and correct it.

6. Analyze your fears

It is unlikely that you have a phobia that interferes with completing cases. But hidden fears and anxieties prevent you from focusing on work. Identify them. Then convince yourself that you can handle any situation.

7. Team up with someone

Find someone who will motivate you when you are lazy. For example, go to the gym with a friend. This will help you not to give up.

8. Start the day right

Plan your day in the evening. Get up early and get down to important things in the morning. This will give you a boost of motivation for the afternoon.

9. Read books

Not only for self-development and motivation, but in general any works in which there are new ideas. Learning new things will make the brain work.

10. Find the right tools

The environment strongly influences the mood. A slow computer, an awkward application, or a constantly breaking car will quickly take away your motivation.

11. Reform small problems into big ones

The worst thing for motivation is seemingly small problems that cannot be solved in any way. They are annoying and completely deprived of the desire to do anything. Reframe them so that they appear large.

12. Come up with your own mantra

Find a few phrases that keep you focused and motivate. For example, quotes from a favorite book or a speech of a speaker. Simple words will do, too, to tell you what to do. For example, "Take action now!"

13. Get inspired by your successes

When you're good at something, you want to do more and more. Even a small victory is enough for inspiration. You get praised by your colleagues or you quickly coped with the task - all this energizes.

Plan your day to achieve a small victory or two before lunchtime. This will increase motivation for the rest of the day. Schedule things to do in the morning. For example, go to the gym or answer an important email.

The best way to motivate yourself is to organize your life so that you don't need motivation. If work for you is a constant battle with yourself, it's time to think about change. Use external motivations as a last resort, but don't rely on them all the time.