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What mistake prevents you from being happy
What mistake prevents you from being happy

Don't worry, it can be easily fixed.

What mistake prevents you from being happy
What mistake prevents you from being happy

Why do we feel unhappy

The main reason for dissatisfaction with life is shifting responsibility for its quality onto others. Sometimes a keen desire to please everyone is added to this. As a result, your life ceases to belong to you, and you feel more and more unhappy every day.

How to be happier

You need to take life into your own hands.

Don't expect someone or something to make you happy

No one can and should not be responsible for your well-being. If you think that one day happiness will just knock on your door, get ready for the fact that you will have to wait a long time, and life in such an expectation will definitely not be happy.

Don't try to please others

Many of us spend time and money to earn the favor of those around us. When your whole life is built around the desires of others, you turn into a hostage, you stop living for yourself and make your own decisions. This does not mean that you need to forget about family and friends and turn into an egoist. Spend time with your loved ones, take care of them, but not for the sake of your own happiness.

Take responsibility

Think about it: how long does it take to wait for love and approval from the second half, parents or just acquaintances? But these minutes could be spent profitably for oneself.

Your well-being is only your responsibility. Try to find sources of happiness that only you control. These can be interesting hobbies, events that are meaningful to you, and goals for the future.


Jim Rohn Entrepreneur, speaker, and author of Seven Simple Strategies for Wealth and Happiness.

You must take responsibility for yourself. We cannot change the season or circumstances, but we can change ourselves.

Making your own rules is the best way to live a happy and fulfilling life. To do this, you need to realize that everything you do is your personal choice, which has nothing to do with the people around you.

Listen to yourself

Taking responsibility for your happiness is always scary. At first, you can go back to old dead-end scenarios and again fall under the influence of others.

To understand whether you are moving in the right direction or not, regularly ask yourself four diagnostic questions:

  1. What is the main thing for you in life?
  2. Do you make certain decisions to please others?
  3. What is more important - the opinion of others about you or your own opinion of yourself?
  4. What do you enjoy doing the most from your daily routine?

These questions will help you understand how attached you are to others, as well as your hobbies and goals.


Mandy Hale Author of Single Lady. How I changed my status “in eternal search” to “free and happy”, blogger.

Happiness is an inner work. Never outsource the responsibility for your well-being.

Remember that you only have one life, and you are responsible for its quality. Don't be afraid to create your own happiness.