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7 simple life hacks to help you make healthy food delicious
7 simple life hacks to help you make healthy food delicious

If you think that proper nutrition is all about suffering and overcoming yourself, then you are seriously mistaken. Together with the national project "", we have collected working ways to turn even boiled chicken breast into a culinary masterpiece.

7 simple life hacks to help you make healthy food delicious
7 simple life hacks to help you make healthy food delicious

1. Do not spare spices

Think beyond salt and pepper. A pinch of aromatic herbs will save any vegetable dish. The fish tastes better with lemon, thyme and saffron. Meat is not meat without allspice, cloves, marjoram and oregano. Grill often? Take on board ginger, cumin, nutmeg, chili, cardamom. You will be amazed at how everyday meals will change.

2. Experiment with refueling

How to make food tasty: experiment with dressing
How to make food tasty: experiment with dressing

The familiar taste quickly gets boring. And at the sight of the next portion of salad, we wrinkle our nose on the machine. Refueling is a life buoy for vegetables. Feel free to try new combinations. You can simply pour olive oil over the salad. Or you can add some fragrant Provencal herbs to it. Or even replace with Greek yogurt, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice. Even mustard and honey make tomatoes and cucumbers a masterpiece.

3. Include seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet

Vegetables and fruits bring the same benefits to the body at any time of the year, but their taste can vary significantly depending on the season. For example, in autumn tomatoes are juicy and aromatic, and closer to spring they become bland. That is why many restaurants around the world offer dishes from seasonal ingredients on the menu - it turns out to be tastier. Summer is the time for local vegetables and fruits. Autumn is the time for mushrooms, pumpkins, eggplants, and figs. In winter, citrus fruits, persimmons, quince, leeks, Brussels sprouts are relevant. In spring we cook with asparagus, young potatoes, beets, radishes. By picking the hits of the grocery season, you let your receptors enjoy every bite.

4. Try new ways of cooking

This will not only reduce the calorie content of dishes, but also reveal new facets of their taste. If you want healthy fried food, grill it without oil. Or steamed cutlets - they will turn out very juicy. Stewed vegetables with meat are a hearty and tasty option for a healthy dinner. If you don't like the usual first courses, make a cream soup. And lettuce is easy to turn into a vegetable smoothie. There is a suitable method for any dish.

5. Combine usefulness with your beloved

How to make food delicious: combine healthy with your loved one
How to make food delicious: combine healthy with your loved one

For example, vegetables can be eaten with a couple of slices of bacon. Or add hated celery to smoothies and get an unusual new taste. A delicious salad is prepared from beets and persimmons. And fruits go well with feta cheese or ricotta. By the way, when we try something new - be it a sport or a combination of products - new neural connections are formed. So an unexpected mix of flavors also develops What Is Neuroplasticity? brain.

6. Serve food beautifully

Take out nice dishes and napkins, lay a tablecloth on the table. Garnish with herbs, sprouted seeds, pomegranate seeds, or a mint leaf. Add a few drops of the sauce to the plate. The food will look much more appetizing. And it's better to forget about TV shows during dinner. They interfere with the enjoyment of food and provoke overeating. Light candles and light background music instead. It is important to turn the meal into a special ritual.

7. Look for new recipes

And not necessarily all of them will be difficult and time-consuming to prepare. For example, oatmeal makes a delicious pie. Children will also like carrot and apple cutlets. Lentils can be made into pate. You will spend about 45 minutes preparing any of these dishes. If you wish, you can pick up faster recipes: chicken nuggets or salad with baked pumpkin. 30 minutes - and you're done.

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